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Tressemanes and Vogt was a porcelain factory in the Limoges region of France, creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind porcelain from approximately 1880's through 1919.    As time progresses, I will discuss the history and the various hallmarks used throughout the tenure of the company and show a wide range of the styles of cups manufactured (the beauty of these cups demands a better word - created!).  Enjoy!

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The first cup is all handpainted with lovely violets on the outside and a pale lavendar on the inside of the cup.   The following cup is also handpainted with gorgeous pansies in a very different style than the first cup .  The first cup is a demitasse while this cup is a full sized tea cup.  Both are T&V Limoges.


LOVE  LOVE this violet tea cup and saucer!

Hi Mary!  It is confusing.  It is a city in France but also the surrounding region, where porcelain factories began to spring up, became known as the Limoges region, as well, due to the kaolinite, a substance necessary to produce china, being found in great abundance.  Many porcelain companies, such as Tressemanes and Vogt, Jean Pouyat, etc.,  began to spring up there due to this abundance.  When we say that porcelain comes from Limoges today, we mean it was produced in a porcelain factory located in Limoges or the region surrounding it.

I posted this on another page, but, frankly, it bears repeating!  It's such a lovely example of the beautiful work T&V did when they created their gorgeous cabinet cups.  

Love the soft satin sheen to this one, Elaine. And what a pretty display piece to put it on!

Thanks, Ellene!  I love scouring consignment and antique shops for vintage and antique handcarved display shelves.  They pair up so nicely with antique porcelain!  

Another gorgeous T&V Limoges cup ad saucer!  Do any of YOU have your own T&V you'd like to share? :)

I only wish I had my own T&V Limoges to share! But, it's fun admiring yours. So beautiful!!

Thanks, Ellene!  I don't have many, but I'm always on the prowl for more!

Today's sweet T&V is a delicate demitasse with gold edging and tiny blue flowers.  I love the shape of the cup!  Topped off with a sterling spoon.  Enjoy!

The Limoges China images on Pinterest abound! Haviland is another manufacturer from the area that I love.

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