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i found this gorgeous compote it is 6.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide i am not sure of the marking it says Hand painted Made in France i don't know any information on this and would love to know more about it I would like to find out its age and maker if possible 

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Beautiful compote! I'll try to do a bit of research this weekend and try to identify the mark. It's great to at least have that to start with... :)

thank you i have tried kovels and botheberg but couldnt find it there and even tried just doing images with a few different descriptions (sigh i am at a loss) any help would be appreciated 

that's exactly what I tried this morning for just a few minutes.  I'm calling the mark 'winged lion' but didn't get too far. And now that I look at it again...it doesn't really have wings. it's hard to describe the reverse B-B on the bottom too.  Are those words under the lion?

Hopefully, others will get in the search. :)

its not words under the lion its looks like a rope type design 

Hi Katherina,

It might help to search "lion rampant." That is the terminology that would be used when talking about coats of arms, which I'm sure this mark is trying to emulate in style. The compote looks 1960s to me. Hopefully that's a start!  :-)

Very good tip! Thanks for the correct terminology!! That should help...

thank you all for tryin to help me i just cannot fnd the marking anywhere i have spent at least a month on this dish already sigh gonna pull my hair out soon lol 

After months of looking i found one piece with this mark and it says its a Birks Cananda mark but i cannot find they age of the item or the name of the design so slowly we are getting somewhere with this piece lol 

Progress! I am not familiar with Birks Canada at all but I just read up on them here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birks_Group

I can see they are designer, manufacturer and retailer!

The "lion rampant" makes more sense connected with Canada even though your piece says Made in France.


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