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I’ve been unpacking all my moms and dad’s possessions and discovered these items today.
Can anyone identify the maker? I had my friend identify the mark on the bottom as a date of 1978, however there wasn’t another mark indicating the maker.

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Japanese Imari ware. Popular to bring back to Mom by the GIs in the Pacific conflict. Search Japanese imari ware on eBay to see similar ware and current market, use Completed Auctions/Sold for actual sold results.

Hi Liz,
Thank you for your reply. I believe the date on the bottom says 1978 but I’m 100% sure.
I will check eBay for current prices. Again,thank you for your help!

Hi Liz, one more thing I forgot to mention.The markings on the bottom I believe are Chinese. At least my Chinese friend said they were. But I’ll check for Japanese Imari Ware.

Hi Bob, What you've got there is a very nice japanese porcelain tea set in a Style usually called geisha girl ware for it's typical decoration depicting geishas in gardens, pagodas... Geisha-girl ware was allmost all made between the last decades of the XIXth century and the end of the sixties - early seventies. But most of it is previous to the second world war. So your's is likely to be from the thirties. The mark in the third photo is not a date but the name of the locality where It was made: Kutani. For better information look for Kutani ware in google.

Thanks, David for the information.

You're welcome.

Here you have two very interesting links about Kutani china and qeisha ware:



I Hope it's usefull yo you.

I will check as soon as I’m finished with dinner. I’m looking forward to reading
Hi David,
Those sites are very informative and I did find the items I have based on the marking. It is from 1930 style 620.
I did find a website(Kovels) that has a price guide, however they require you to create an account to login which I really don’t want to do. I’ll keep checking eBay for my item or something similar.
That’s a very interesting history behind Kutani.
My friend is interested in buying this from me so I’m trying to come up with a fair price

I have always liked Imari/Geisha ware. My mother had a small set of so called dragon ware tea cups, saucers, serving pot and accessories, it was very pretty. Similar to Geisha ware in execution but featured grinning dragons and evil looking people instead of pretty ladies. Below is an Imari/Geisha ware lamp I bought some years ago locally. It required rewiring but that was soon handled by the in-house engineer (my DH), and a suitable creamy-silk art-wrinkled shade was added. I believe this lamp to be fairly recent vintage. By this I mean it's no older than 50-70 years to judge from the artwork. A hefty size it is perfect on our art nouveau style BR dresser.

Details of pattern below:

WOW! Nice.
It’s a keeper!

Thank you! I thought so too, couldn't help showing it off.. forgive!

Hi Liz.

Your lamp is nice and very decorative. And as you say, not older than maybe 50 years old. But I must say it's not japanese but chinese. It's made in the style of japanese satsuma pottery but there are some features that can help you identifying It. One is the extensive use of raised enamel dots (fast everywhere in the piece) and other is the brownish orange color that covers it like a shroud, specially the uncolored areas. I link you two interesting sites about chinese satsuma style pottery.




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