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An antique dealer came to my house after seeing an ad I posted on Craig's List. He was interested in carnival glass, but I am not selling that at the moment. I told him I had some Japanese items like Noritake and Nippon I'd be willing to sell. He snorted and said those things are "a dime a dozen". True or not? Here's a sample of what I have:

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Why believe such a person, pray tell? You yourself are free to look up recently solds on the Net to find out present values.

Come to think of it: Carnival glass is probably less valuable today than Nippon and Noritake. Think about it: Carnival glass was very cheap mass-produced glassware sold in dime stores and the like for consumption by the American middle class. Not only that: It's been reproduced over and over, thus lessening prices and desirability of originals.

Nippon and Noritake were sold (still are) in better dept. stores and specialty stores and were quite pricey when first issued. Very popular in wedding registries to receive them for gifts then showed that the marrying couple had well-to-do generous relatives. This fine ware is still not cheap for replacement. Research them online to see.

Sorry, but if you put fine stuff on Craig's List you are very likely to get id-ots visiting you. With a good presentation you are more likely to get fair value at online auctions. Craig's list IMHO is for used cars and furniture perhaps, i.e. non shippable items with appeal when not too far away from home.

You have beautiful items.  I think the dealer is correct in the fact that these items have fallen out of favor but I think that they are worth more than "a dime a dozen".  I just sold a beautiful bowl with an underplate on Ebay for $14 - this was after relisting it.  Eames era item are in and now I hear that the items from the 70's are being collected.    There's always somebody out there trying to buy an item from their past or that reminds them of a person or of happy memories.   I have so much at this point I buy what I love and items that I don't mind having if it doesn't sell.  My grown sons and my daughter in-laws don't like my treasures........there has been talk of a dumpster......lol.  

It's a shame that today's young people don't like fine vintage items. If it isn't something to do with electronics, it's junk.

Oh my! I would say NOT! I agree with Liz, in that your pieces are more valuable than Carnival glass.

Just one quick online pricing peek shows their pricing is not a dime a dozen. Far from it! The market would have to be fairly strong to support the pricing - even though they may not be rare and hard to find.

This link shows a Nippon bowl selling for $545.00. One bowl. :)

Your items are beautiful, by the way.

Thanks for that info, Eileen. I am onto the ploys dealers use to try and almost steal items. When I suspect they are trying to pull a fast one, I just say that I want to do some research on that item. I usually just get peeved looks when I say that.

This quote speaks to the high quality standard of vintage Nippon porcelain, " comply with United States importation restrictions, products produced in Japan were required to carry the Nippon mark. Products bearing the Nippon mark were generally made during the period from 1891 to 1921. The Nippon mark can be found on later products, but was usually accompanied with the name "Japan." Nippon porcelain, or Noritake as it is commonly called, was manufactured by more than 200 porcelain makers, and its quality was of a high standard, while its price was less expensive than the wares of U.S. and European counterparts."


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