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This lovely Coalport tea cup and saucer, circa 1900, caused me to stop and get some history for today.

Carter's Price Guides to Antiques

Wiki: "The Coalport porcelain manufactory (or Coalport China), the first porcelain factory in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England, was founded by the practical and enterprising John Rose in 1795,[1] at Coalport, served by the Coalport Canal, which had been completed in 1792. Rose had trained at the Caughley porcelain manufactory in Shropshire and had been making pottery on his own account nearby at Jackfield, a mile upstream across the River Severn from Coalbrook, since about 1780.[2] His rapid success enabled him to buy the Caughley manufactory in 1799,[3] the Nantgarw porcelain manufactory in 1819 and the Swansea porcelain manufactory, with their repertory of moulds.[4] He employed William Billingsley, formerly at Nantgarw, as chief painter, and Billingsley's chemist, Walker, who initiated at Coalport a maroon glaze and brought the Nantgarw technical recipes to Rose at Coalport.

In 1820 Rose received the gold medal of the Society of Arts for his feldspar porcelain and an improved, lead-free glaze, with which the enamel colours fused in firing.[5] Favourite patterns were the "worm sprig" and the "Tournai sprig" introduced by Billingsley at Pinxton, the Dresden-inspired "Berlin china edge", and the blue transfer willow pattern and blue dragon pattern.[6]

So...do you own a piece of this magnificent porcelain?

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Ellen,  This is so unusual in color & design. The colors just "scream" Beauty.  Thanks for the History of Coalport.

It is an eye-catcher for sure, Brenda! My pleasure on the Coalport History.

Happy to have you in our China Chat group! Welcome to start discussions and post interesting photos all day long. :)

Here's a springtime pattern in Coalport China!

Coalport China, England Strawberry Bread Plate

Speaking of Coalport China, a Historic Hudson Valley Home showcases a great collection in Architectural Digest.

This 5 piece Coalbrookdale by Coalport set on Replacements Museum collection, is exquisite!

"Change was in the air for the art world as well. The restraint of Neoclassicism was beginning to give way to the lavish designs of the Victorian era, including a revival of Rococo. And here is where we return to the lovely Coalbrookdale pieces, made by Coalport sometime between 1820 and 1835, in our Replacements, Ltd. Museum collection."

I love Coalport!  Here is one of my demitasse cups and saucers:  

Beautiful, Elaine!! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Ellene!

One thing I can say about Coalport China is that the colors are just so vivid.

Coalport Raised Gold Guild And Medallions Cup And Saucer

This is so beautiful!  I wonder what year this was made?  It seems to be more antique than vintage?  Love it!  :)


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