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I've always been interested in history so of course when I Found this like 2 years ago I jumped on it.

I bought this document on a auction site about 2 years ago. It was listed in Coins and came with a ugly 1782 1/2 Escudo. I think because it wasn't listed with having the document really no one paid attention to it. I ended up being the only bidder and got it for the melt value at that time. I took the document to an antique shop and museum and they both said they believe it was authentic. I couldn't find anyone around that could seal it up (with the size of it) so I had a custom frame built. I had it sovered in non pvc/acid free protector, placed between two pieces of non-stick glass. I took pictures of it in the frame also with and without light for the royal water seal. It is kept in a dark closet.

The document is from King Charles the 3rd of Spain dated 1784. It is concerning the Order of Santiago, which was an order of Spanish Knights. It has the signatures of numerous members of the order and governors at that time.

it started my collection of Royal documents and i have obtained 7 others since then. i will post more on this thread as time allows.

i did post this once with coin talk and the escudo.

my goal is to get a Signature/Document from every reigning monarch from the house of bourbon.


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Last month I started to acquire more and was able to obtain this one as well.

Its dated 25 Feb 1815 concerning the designation of a priest at a diocese in a Havana Church and signed by King Ferdinand 7th


In accordance with the Papal Bill which legislates on Church appointments, I designate the Julian del Barrio to exercise priesthood duties at the Diocese of Havana.

Signed: Madrid, 25/2/1817. THE KING.

Witness: Martin de Guaria.

This is another I bought recently  signed by King Carlos 4th. (Ferdinands father). I have had time to translate it yet but its dated 1806.

This is a Promotion document from Queen Isabella 2nd (daughter of Ferdinand 7th and Maria Cristina). Promoting someone to Captain. its signed in Madrid and dated 1867.


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