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With my job I had the chance to be able to buy the supply of an old perfumery / hairdressing salon which opened in 1904 and closed in 1964. Everything unsold items since the beginning of trade had been put in the loft. I had happiness to recover thousands of objects new and wrapped by origin. This treasure is composed of perfumes, advertising, lips sticks, powder box, etc. These objects date every from 1910s till 1940 and they have a splendid design.
I can put other photographs if it has amateurs it of the vintage objects of the perfumery.

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Hello Cheri, Hello, today I am going to make one add a nice album with my ancient articles of perfumery. This is going to be difficult because it has some more than 600 objects it but I am going to try to choose asap.
I shall also like to have contacts with a auctioner because I think sell this nice collection which will not indeed interest my son Maxime which have 3 years 1/2. :-). If somebody knows an auctioner specialized in the ancient perfumery in the United States of America it would be nice to help me. Me, I can send the complete collection with origin and all photographs before I recover it. They are original.
Wow, a gold mine. Even the display cases are old. Where are you located? All I see is written in French. I'd like to see more pictures. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I knew a fellow who bought a small commercial building in a small town in Idaho. When he moved in he discovered hidden stairs that took him to a full sized basement that was filled with 1900s pharmaceutical equipment, mint in boxes, just like yours. He sold it to collectors and made more than the building cost him!

Hello Tom, My English is not as good as I shall want but I am going to make my possible to have talks with all nice members of this group. I live in Belgium. I am going to put photographs of one two jar glass which I have. I search the photograph of this brilliantine of the mark BAKERFIX of Josephine Baker in 1924. It is exceedingly rare because he is new, closed and the tab was drawn by his friend Henry Matisse for "Bakerfix brilliantine". Do you know Josephine Baker ?
Tom he is from Belguim
Hello Craig, I am happy to see that you are member of this nice Internet site. As you see it, I have no that architectural antiques but also a lot of every possible antiques. Fabrice from Brussels / Belgium.
Yes My friend, it is a small world correct.
The world called the internet.
Welcome to this group, a real nice group of poeple from all over.


Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Wonderful Collection of Old stock items! I wonder if any of your perfume bottles have a signature? Remember R. Lalique was a perfume bottle maker in the 1920's. Wouldn't that be fantastic!

Hello Vicki, No, unfortunately I do not have bottle of René Lalique. But I am going to put some photographs of nice bottles which are not signed but that are very pretty and representatifs of epoch. Thanks to all members for your messages. Fabrice / Belgium
Very interesting, thank you for sharing!

Hello from Belgium Marie, Thank you for tour friendly comment. If you like this items, some of these are on Ebay US. my pseudo is " fk-architecturalantiques ". See you sonn on I Antique OnLine or maybe Ebay... ;-) Have a good week.


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