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The market seems to be overloaded with forgeries produced in Eastern Europe and the Far East, when it concerns French cameo glassware. Shady and unknowing dealers offer pieces that are no longer in their original state, but are offered as such.

Recently a practical guide appeared on the subject of recognising forgeries and incomplete French cameo glassware.

Tiny Esveld, an antique dealer, has written a practical guide book titled Glass made Transparent produced by the great French glass artists Gallé, Daum and Schneider. The main objective of the book is to give a professional insight into the technique and production of these beautiful and exceptional pieces in order to protect collectors and aficionados  from making costly mistakes. The world of glass is unfortunately full of deceptions.  The pitfalls accompanying a purchase can be plentiful, however fraudulent or deceitful, all is exposed in Glass made Transparent, the first revealing publication of its kind. The book is a beautifully designed guidebook richly illustrated  with excellent practical guidelines. French glass no longer maintains any secrets. Glass made Transparent is published in the English language with a resume in French, Dutch and Spanish and is also available as an e-book publication.

Glass Made Transparent guides the reader in eight chapters through the world of the great French glass artists Gallé, Daum and Schneider of the period 1890 – 1930. Esveld not only describes the beauty and artistry of their glass art but also reveals the technical side of their creations in great detail. This book helps to detect a genuine from a falsification, a flawless piece from a damaged one and it trains the eye for any cut glass or combinations of pieces put together, also called a marriage. It educates the reader to develop a feeling for the perfect style and shape, to learn to look sharply at the decoration, colour, finish and signature of its maker. It also points out all the applied tricks of the trade of the past and present day in order to deceive the unsuspecting buyer. Only the flawless pieces remain expensive and maintain their value. All the others bought at one’s own risk, either at auctions or on e-bay are always paid over the top.

Tiny Esveld is an antique dealer-glass expert resdiing in Rijkevorsel, Belgium. The gallery is specialized in French art nouveau and art deco glass and furniture, such as Gallé, of the early twentieth century. She has written and published Glass made Transparent in the hope that the lively trade in old and new falsifications or of totally incomplete pieces which are sold as perfect examples will somehow decline.

Title: Glass made Transparent - A practical guide to French art glass by Gallé, Daum and Schneider
Author: Tiny Esveld
Publisher: Tiny Esveld
Pages : 176
Illustrations : 500

Views: 63

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