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How about those great buildings? I was just living in Boise Idaho where they have some really cool art deco style architecture - their schools-banks-stores, I don't think the locals really appreciate what they have. I'm in Belfast Northern Ireland now, married a local, hubby and I are starting to go to the auctions and seach, not for buildings, duh... . we want to be in the biz as it were and are on a very steep learning curve currently! You know I used to like art noveau best but I must say Deco has really started to appeal to me. There is a really great Art Deco Building in London called the Hoover Building, not as in J.Edgar but as in vacuum cleaners. Here is a great link for Art Deco buildings in England if anyone is interested. http://www.artofthestate.co.uk/london_photos/Hoover_Building_entran... and by the way have you been to the Hoover Dam Bridge crossing the Colorado river and the NV-AZ state border? All I can say is WOW. I had some pics of my own but they didn't turn out very well, so these ain't mine...

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I guess I never thought of Boise when it comes to art deco architecture. Thanks for posting the pics. I'm a Chicagoan, and we have some great stuff, too. If you're ever in Chicago, take the walking art deco tour sponsored by the Chicago Architectural Society.
Here's some pictures of the interiors of some Chicago Art Deco buildings in the downtown area. The doors are from the old Peacock Jeweler's on State ST. I want those doors so bad!
well I have to clear up the point about Boise, these pictures (the first 2) are of the Hoover Dam bridge on the AZ-NV border the others are of the Hoover bldg in London. I didn't get pictures of the Boise bldgs before I left there, but if and when I get back I will. Your Chicago pics are totally awesome! the Hoover Dam bridge has elevator doors that are quite spectaular too. I can't actually find my travel photos and they didn't turn out very well anyway, but this link has dome good pics, they are copyrighted so I did not want to copy them here. http://travelphotobase.com/s/NVVD.HTM

Those are lovely


My son lives in Boise. Maybe you once visited the link I provided. It's ART DECO DELUXE.



Love Art Deco architecture. We have a a few here, but do have an amazing 1930's Airport that was recently returned to its full glory (Shushan Airport)   https://goo.gl/bRykCM

Some beautiful pics of the restored interior here:



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