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Once a necessity on every woman's dressing table originally china or porcelain examples which were part of a wash set they gradually reduced in size to the core pieces of candlesticks, trinket pots, ring or pin dishes, a tray to protect the dressing table surface from a ladies creams and lotions. They often include perfume bottles and or atomisers a comb tray and even a clock. The glass sets are the most spectacular and sparkle in the candlelight with the ladies jewels. Indeed the come in a variety of jewel like colours. A selection of my collection probably the more common ones available with the exception of the first one the Pierotte & Pierette pattern no.40264 by Walther and Sohne  c.1930's The exquisite tray...Another Walther set this is Waltraut pattern and includes a perfume bottle and a Clock....also available is a comb tray and an atomiser.The perfume bottle...This beautiful blue example is by Rosice...This green 'Crystopal' set by Bagley is called Filey this is quite a scarce set and came with a ash tray and cigarette box (Sadly my cigarette box is missing its lid)ashtray and cigarette box....

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This amber set Hermanove Hut / Stolzle part frosted amber glass trinket set pattern no 19440-19443..........and below another amber   7 piece dressing table set by Bagley 'Rutland' patt

ern This set a green Jeannette Ponsettia pattern is my only American dresser set and another rarityThis is another Rosice set but a lovely Emerald green oneAnd for something completely different a Davidson Cloud glass set in amber...More to follow shortly

Adore the emerald green set ! The quality is just lovely. 

This is a green pressed glass dressing table set. Pattern No 340 by DavidsonThis is an unusual shaped Blue pressed glass dressing table set with ball feet by Libochovice   pattern number 1692 Lrg Pot 1691 candlestick 1694 ringholder 1690 Tray marked reg 796007 imported by Heppner Ltd London dated 28 Aug 1934

A flint Sowerby 'Sunburst 'pattern reg 788735 trinket set c.1933 

A very Art Deco flint set probably by Ernst BuderThe delicate Butterfly set by Sowerby with its gorgeous tray...

This part frosted Flint glass trinket set depicting three ladies two sat on rocks one standing in a mountain scene. (poss. Rebecca and her maidens at the well) the pair of candlsticks depict girls kneeling with a large vessel held aloft. Maker unknown. The set that start me off on my glass obsession...Crystalor Glass Pink glass dressing table set  A flint set bought for me as my first dressing table set by my husband shortly after we got married I do not know the maker

LOVE the 'Egyptian' set in clear crystal. It's beautiful Angela. 

Heavens knows what happened with my previous post! The words went all crazy-mad! and so I deleted them...

Here they are again to accompany the 'Filey' pattern photos:

"Your 'Crystopal' set is truly great and scarce too Angela. I love the way that the powder pot conforms to the tray. A clever design by Bagley and also its a very large pot as I know you will agree. Though you are correct in what you say, the 'Filey' pattern was originally introduced prior to their 'Crystopal' glass and so you do indeed have a complete 'Filey' pattern trinket set. It was one of the few examples produced (in its original format) with just the three component pieces which all fit snugly upon its tray"

Truly beautiful. Please keep them coming Angela.

More trinket sets...

This one has an unusual pattern and its maker is unknown...Another amber set with a perfume bottle pattern 4900 by Brockwitzthe part frosted perfume bottle....Completley frosted set by Bagley 'County' pattern also comes with different candlesticks...Another Davidson cloud glass one......

A uranium frosted set by S.Reich from their 1934 catalogue this set also comes with a shorter version candlestick, but it is the Art Deco tray that is it's attraction....The last of my Davidson cloud glass ones, though more are available and in different colours (green, blue, amethyst  and rarer red)....The last set in my collection is this pink Bagley State pattern note the variation in colour in my set it is possible some of this set was made by Libochovice as they made an almost identical pattern in 1950's a slight variation on the top of the candlestick is the only noticable differenceHopefully Colin will be able to add some more. 

Glad you listed the Stolzle set as that's the one I have in the loft only mine is flint glass although I do have a pair of candlesticks in blue

hi Colin I believe this is one of two versions by Reich of their Viktoria trinket set ( One narrow tray with short candlesticks other larger tray with tall candlesticks )  I have the two different candlesticks the tall ones are part frosted....


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