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Yes, and not your heart either.... just that fine old pump organ you no longer have use for.

We sell about 7-10 pump organs a year still working.
We also take in about 20, and these are JUST for parts. To take apart, Mostly for decorations.

We have a small trailer, fits only 55 inch tall organs, so our clients are stupified when we dismantle an organ on the spot to fit it in, if it's too large. We told them upfront we only want it for the parts, we pay cheap, and this final act makes them truly believe.

who'd a thunk it, though , that we would just tear apart an organ before their very eyes.

Either they now believe and trust us more next time, or think we're loons.

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Just a quick note.

We've now created a business around the pickup of unwanted pianos and organs.
here's the website @ pianobuster.com

Website will be spruced up in coming weeks.
We plan do do over 100 piano/organ chops a year.
Now, Who is thinking outside the box? ! (I would try that here local but to much for me to do.)
Now I can see a "bar, table, fireplace mantle, picture frames from the keys" What else can you make from one of those bad boys?
Think in parts as well.

Candle holder shelves work great on wall.
put a framed fretwork piece with red plastic in your window, instant stained glass effect. blue, green?
The sides make great base for a bench, or a privacy booth in restauraunt. take out innards, place seat, already have back.
lots more where that comes from.
endless possibilities...saw an aquarium built into one one time
go ahead, I dare ya. build an album, on some ning, somewhere, of ALL the possibilities you can find online (or in your own private collection of photos if you like).

I'd love to keep a running tab on the crazy things people do with these whole or in parts.

Interesting thought


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