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Salvage Windows (Reprinted with Permissom from Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes)

By C. Dianne Zweig

Whether your preference is for the plain and simple farmhouse window, the elegant Victorian cathedral window, a soaring Palladian window, or a dramatic, pointed Gothic arch window, antique windows are stylish and charming and sure to be a focal point and conversation starter. Hung on the wall or leaning against a stone fireplace, antique windows are a singularly captivating element in any romantic room.

According to Rhonda Juniper Ray (a member of Iantiqueonline.com) who is an artist who paints on antique windows, finding these windows is the fun part! She tells me that she is always on the prowl for unique and fabulous windows. She offers several suggestions to those of you hunting for salvaged windows. First, put out the word that you are looking for antique windows. Windows will come knocking on your door, according to Rhonda. That is what happened when she moved into a small town with a lot of Victorian era homes in the area. She left her business card around town and was then contacted by a homeowner who was replacing the windows on his 1890s Farm house. Rhonda offers another suggestion.....knock on doors. If you see someone with replacement windows, ask them if they would like to sell the old ones. She says most of the time owners will gladly just give you the windows and be happy to have you take them off their hands. A third piece of advice is to establish relationships with folks at flea markets who are known dealers of salvage. Let them know what you are looking for so that t he next time they clean out a house, they give you first dibs on the windows.

Upper sash of a leaded glass double-hung window salvaged from a home in Lapeer Michigan.
Photo Courtesy of Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes, submitted by Rhonda Juniper Ray.

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi Rhonda,
Big fan of your work. Thanks for the tips on finding lovely windows. This one is simply gorgeous! Rita @ TesoroFino.com
that is a nice clean window

Craig Phillips
Original and reproduction hardware
for furniture and homes
We use salvage windows in the garden, as easels. We also put old window frames up on the shed and fence and add a planter.
Peggy...is that a shed or a studio? It looks so charming. Great ideas...by the way you can click on the green square (in tool menu) above the message boxa nd load pictures right into your message so everyone can see. You will see code first, but then as you save the post...the picture will appear in full view (not as an attachment) Dianne
Where I live the people who have old windows like the one above want $200-300 for them. Personally I wouldn't re-use an old window because they leak too much cold air and there is no protection from the sun's ultra-violet light. Also, most of them have lead-based paint on them. Keep that in mind if you are re-selling them as you may find yourself in hot water.

They are pretty though, but not very practical.
Fabrice, you are mean, I have seen some nice tiles before from you on the other site, now you show me more, love the thistle one, and this one and that one, they are all great.
Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
I love the old windows!! I think they are amazing and beautiful! I found several at an antique shop here in Ohio that were probably part of a church way back when and plan on displaying them in the house as decor. 2 are very large and with rounded top's to a point at the top (if that makes sense) and 2 smaller windows. All with beautiful stained glass in them. I cant use them on the house but I can display them inside as art work that they are :)
Hi Julie, would love to see some photos, Dianne
I will try and take some next time I am there. They are really good people and allow me to do "layaway" on everything!!! Ill post some when I can, they are only open on wed, thur and Fridays here so next week Ill take some pics :)


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