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Here is one I just set up in the store in our showroom front window.

Nice classic style made of solid cherry, 60" wide X 83" tall, available for purchase

Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium

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Love Cherry. Wanna trade?

and this

Both for yours. You can pickup and save an extra trip by delivering yours at same time. Aren't we thoughtful.

Actually, both mantles are in beautiful solid quarter sawn oak under that ugly paint.
Awaiting my tender loving care (Or so they think.... I'd sell them out anyday).

Yours looks great, Craig. Wish I had the time to do up ours, and set them up.
I really like the bricks behind. Are those from a fake fireplace, or did you just put a bunch of bricks up for display only.
(Or did you cheat and use some fibre board , just thought of that now. a good, cheap solution for me... gonna go out and get some tomorrow. )

Remember, we trade, buy and sell.... so if you happen to travel up this way and just happen to have a cherry fireplace in the truck, drop in.

Cheat Vince your words hit so close to home, I use the term, save time save money,

Why yes this is a 1/2 sheet of brick paneling I got out of the cull pile at the paneling place, (discounted cause of a broken corner, that I cut off to make a 4' square panel) if you do not put the brick look behind just looks hooky

And trade humm -----let me think, I do love stripping many layers of old paint
Hummm,--------- I guess not today,

Remember I said I was putting this in mantel in my showroom window, I always try to make the windows look pretty and inviting,

The one thing on this mantle is the colums are fluted and the top of the collums are carved, and the bases of the collums of also fluted. and beveled glass mirror.

Was out to the local flea this am and did my running around and picking up some goodies for the store, not to much today, more venders, & people, 1/2 hour slower start had to kick mom's bed a couple of times to get her up and moving,

now at the store while I unload and get lunch, seen Michigan Int nascar event get started, now going to take mom home, so I should go put a couple of ales in the fridge so when I come back to see the rest of the race, I should have a couple of cold ones.

Cheers & Peace Out
Craig, you just saved me a ton of work. I was actually considering putting real brick in those two of ours when done. Cheat was a compliment in this case, brilliant idea. I'm not only going to cheat, but I'm also going to steal it.

and thanks.
My Canadian Brother,

I will take cheat, as a compliment, anytime when the out come, is everyone is happy, ( you, specialy since you do not have to lay up a bunch of bricks. Time = $$Canadian). Just borrow the idea, isn't that one of the ideas/reasons we are on all these different ning sites, to get new ideas.

I use the phrase " Pay it forward"

Cheers back at you


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