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I have a 1920's era Capademonte lamp that I bought several years ago at an insainly low price, I then sank in more money and had it apraised so I could have a formal appraisel to sell it with scince it was such an extrordinary piece - so all in all now I have roughly $200 in an Item appraised at $800-$1200.

I then priced it at my shop at $950.00 in the hopes that I would get some offers, but got none, so after six months I dropped the price too $800 sure that I'd Get a bite, again Nothing. I then decided to slash it drasticly and priced it at $400 just to try and move it, It's been yet anouther whole year... so last weekend we had a sidewalk sale at our antique store so I pulled out my lamp and I placed it on a table at 75% off (So $100 - Now I'm loseing money) and would you beleave the only person who looked offered $25, it was an insult - what should I do, Has anyone had a similer problem, any advice from those who've expirianced this before or is capadempnte just worthless anymore??? - Thanx for any help you can give.

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yeah, it has moved to my home and now occupies a guest bedroom, I figured if it was going to collect dust it might as well be getting used for it's intended purpose insted of making the furniture in a store look pretty!


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