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I have a 1920's era Capademonte lamp that I bought several years ago at an insainly low price, I then sank in more money and had it apraised so I could have a formal appraisel to sell it with scince it was such an extrordinary piece - so all in all now I have roughly $200 in an Item appraised at $800-$1200.

I then priced it at my shop at $950.00 in the hopes that I would get some offers, but got none, so after six months I dropped the price too $800 sure that I'd Get a bite, again Nothing. I then decided to slash it drasticly and priced it at $400 just to try and move it, It's been yet anouther whole year... so last weekend we had a sidewalk sale at our antique store so I pulled out my lamp and I placed it on a table at 75% off (So $100 - Now I'm loseing money) and would you beleave the only person who looked offered $25, it was an insult - what should I do, Has anyone had a similer problem, any advice from those who've expirianced this before or is capadempnte just worthless anymore??? - Thanx for any help you can give.

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it is signed by THE Capademonte inside the base, can be seen with a flashlight
wow its colorful I would still keep it up for sale for 800-$1200 until you get the right person come along who wants it :)
Thanx Deb
I also would keep it at the price you started with or a little lower. I am not a fan of Capodimonte as the furnishings that go with it are not to my likings, but I must say it is very well done, bright and something worth buying. There are many buyers out there and the right one will come along. I wouldn't sell it for under what I paid for it, you just might as well use it then in your own home. Put it up on the internet someday it will sell, or possibly bring it to an auction house and see what they say.
Thanx Out-Of-The-Attic-2U the auction sounds like it might be a good idea if i can find the right one - different auctions have a different client base and can see hugly varying prices being realized for the same item -- it may eventually be the right option, Thanx
Some times price is not the factor. It takes that right person to come along on such a piece as you have. All the stars need to line right. It is not a decorator piece for the average home or buyer. Keep your price fair, price just below real value and be patient, It could be awhile for Mr. or Mrs. right to show up.
I would do ebay on this one :)
I think if you sell it on ebay maybe you should wait for their specials cause this should not be listed in a lo-ball price. Yep and patience is a virtue, so hard to wait :)
Your right, Maybe I am just impatiant, I've been told that alot before Thanx again for the wonderful response too this post
You're going the wrong way. By lowering the price you are downgrading it, or making it seem invaluable. The lower you go the more people suspect it's a reproduction or rip-off. Why not put it in the center of your store where it can be seen by all who enter; list it at $2,200. OBO Add a sign that says: "Do not touch". By doing that you are telling the customers it is valuable and important. I think it's beautiful.
Thanx for the help tom
Yes, I have had a similar experience. If I were you I'd keep it.  Just put it away and when it's time you will get what it is worth.  For some reason when I know something is valuable, I want to sell it right away but it doesn't work that way.  It is a beautiful lamp and I would either put it away or enjoy it.  


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