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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has found any new and exciting treasures.... Post pics so we all can enjoy

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Ok, I am setting up an estate sale in St. Charles......OMG!!! All vintage and tons of great stuff and each day we uncover more stuff. Today I had to make the decision to make it a two weekend sale and only put half the stuff out and close off some doors.....we literally ran out of room for display. Found some 1950's fashion dolls new in their boxes, vintage kitchen items, you name it. Now I know most of you are in the selling business and need to buy "low" so I will say that we may be having some buy-outs after this Part I, so I will let you all know in case you want to stock up on inventory, as I don't know if we will go 1/2 price or not on the second day of this sale. I have tons more pictures to post, so check back later at estatesales.net.........It is in St. Charles on July 10 and 11.

Timesavers Estate Sales
wow can't wait to see what you have..I still like to look :)
The oddest item I found was a bunch of vintage roosters' beak guards !! LOL They used them on unruly roosters ..I could not walk away from them so I bought them.. I hope they are banned now, I donot own any chickens or roosters therefore I donot know if they are still in use.. I will post pictures soon :)
Timesavers, you got an adress for the estate sale?? I would love too come!!
Sumaya I HAVE GOT TOO SEE THOSE PICS - Never even heard of beak guards and I lived on a farm for a while as a child!!!
I Found a cintage 1950's crome kitchen dispencer for paper towls + aluminum foil + wax paper (No plastic wrap yet I guess) -- It is so cool.... Also found a 1956 Pepsi serving tray and some Dungeons and dragons pewter figures!!
I just joined but I hope you won't mind me posting. I found 300 clay poker chips from the early 1900's, 12 great Wedgwood plates and 8 Depression glass soup bowls with their plates. I will be listing them on my site www.darylelambert.com. I live in Northfield and write about the Chicago Antiquing on the Examiner..
of corse I don't mind, Post away the more the better, this is a group for chicago so that our local friends can learn where to buy and share with others - your were to buy and an expert in the field - that makes you gold... Thanx for joining and sharing info with us!!
1869 Punch Mens Magazine - 99cents at goodwill

two paintings - please click this link too view them -- http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/forum/topics/2-fine-art-pieces-need-... - Thanx
Found this and paid a $1 sold it for $200

wow, is it an old marrige certificate???


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