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A. It doesn't say anything... you have to read it.

So many times people will ask me about a piece of furniture, or something. "I really don't know much about it. It has a label on it which says, "blah, blah, blah" but what else can you tell me about it?"

Well, I can tell you, the label probably says more than you read.
If it gives the address of the manufacturer, is there a Zip Code included? The Zip Code was established by the U. S. Post Office in 1963. Okay, it didn't catch on right away. People were upset that the government was forcing, yet another, regulation. Yeah, in 1963 we hadn't seen nuthin' yet... but I digress. Around 1965 U. S. manufacturers were ask to begin using the Zip Code in all correspondence, and labeling. In 1967 it became mandatory for everyone to use their Zip Code or their mail was likely to be returned.
So, no Zip Code? Your pieces is likely pre-1967.
Is there a phone number on the label? How many digits?
In larger cities (New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, L A, etc.) Bell Telephone was the phone company. By the late 1930's they had gone to 7 digit phone numbers (XX9-9999), without an area code. Area codes did not come into common use until the 1950's. But in the 1920's most places had just 4 digit numbers and you had to get operator assistance to call any further than across town. The further out in the sticks you got, the more disjointed the phone system was. I am aware of a town in NJ that had a private phone company which only covered about a 2 square mile area and still had 3 digit phone numbers until 1966.

Pay attention to what the label says. It may tell you a lot.

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Les, I always learn a few things when i read your [postings...thanks so much and keep on writing, Dianne



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