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This is originally from the blog of Vintage Touch and is reposted here with permission.

"Hello everyone...
I'm an antique dealer that sells antiques as one of many dealers in a large antique mall. The reason for my blog is not to be unkind or critical but to try to educate shoppers to respect the various dealers and realize that all the stuff in these shops, is not owned by one person. I would like to respectfully request that shoppers have the consideration to not pick up pieces from one booth and lay them down in a booth belonging to someone else. I realize you may select a piece that you want to purchase and either forget where you found it or change your mind about purchasing it. Please, if this happens, take the piece to the front desk and ask them to put the item back in the booth where it belongs. They know the codes and they can locate the correct booth and return the piece that you do not want. This would make life so much easier for antique dealers and save them from having to try to locate the missing item, or worse yet, take it as a loss because it cannot be found. All this adds to their cost which we all understand causes the dealer to be unable to give better prices because you have to make a profit or you cannot stay in business. So could I please ask everyone to help educate shoppers in antique malls, by letting them know that it is a real problem when they remove pieces from one booth and lay them down in another one? And please for anyone tempted to slip an item in their pocket....remember there are security cameras now in most shops, and the risk of being prosecuted for shop lifting is just not worth it! Thank you for listening and for your help!"

Thanks Vintage Touch for sharing your thoughts.

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I remember going grocery shopping with my mom when I was just a kid.
If she changed her mind and didn't want an item she'd always say "put this back where we got it" or "I have to go back to Aisle 2 to put this back" (of course stores weren't the ubershops we have now, so it wasn't like you were walking to the ends of the earth).
In any case, it was good advice and do put things back.
Good post Les. We all need to be reminded.
When I saw this post on Vintage Touch's blog I just knew it belonged in this group too.

Your grocery shopping story reminded me...
On my last visit to the local MEGA-MART, my wife needed some "tops". (why "tops"? What's wrong with 'shirt'... maybe "blouse"?)
Most guys, I think, have experienced the "standing in the ladies department waiting for her to find something they apparently don't have but she's going to keep looking if it takes all day" syndrome. Well, the manager of this department is pretty smart... there is 'park bench' type seating around the perimeter and I am not above taking advantage.
So I'm sitting there, looking into the pharmacy department... near where they have the sample size, $1 bins. There was something there that didn't look right. After a few minutes I had to investigate. There, in the bin of miniature 'Fungus Relief' tubes, was a package of pork chops.
Somebody had walked the length of, what... 2 football fields, and decided they wanted 'Fungus Relief' but then couldn't afford the pork chops too? Well, the pork chops had to go!
I went up to the pharmacy counter and reported my findings. I was told that the pork chops didn't belong there and I should tell someone in groceries or find a manager.
After making sure I wasn't wearing a MEGA-MART name badge I decided I had done more to save those pork chops than anyone else in the store. My work was done.
I don't need 'Fungus Relief' but I do occasionally buy pork chops... never have, and never will, buy them at the MEGA-MART.

I also have a booth in a very large antique mall.  Yes, it would be nice if visitors to the mall, would take items to the front desk, when they change there mind about buying that item.  But that always won't happen.  So here is the way I look at the situation.  I look at it as hey, at least I know some one was interested in that item to carry it with them for a little while.  Also when I go to my booth I find that my customers  have moved things around.  I just say my "customers are redecorating" my booth.  And just laugh and am very happy someone has been to my space looking.  All our items should have a booth number on them, so they do get back to the right booth.  I often find someones items in my booth space and I will take it to the front desk.  An antique store should be a fun & relaxing  place to shop.  And for those who are tempted to shop left, they can just go else where!  LOL    


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