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Hi all,

I'm brand new to this group. I've just started to learn about antique/vintage jewelry after inheriting some. I've made jewelry for years, but I'm realizing how much fun it is to find old pieces and figure out their history. I'm still learning, and 1 piece in particular has me completely stumped:

It's definitely costume jewelry. But it has no stamp anywhere except "PEND" on the clip-on earrings!! But no patent number I can see. I've been researching it forever trying to figure out who made it! If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate some pointers on where to look.


I've attached better pics below, but here is a preview:  the design is really intricate!

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Hi Erin, Welcome to IAO. It would be very difficult to ID your set, unless you can find a matching pattern of earring used by one of the most prolific jewelry companies. I do think it's a USA made item, likely from NY or East coast makers. Monet is a possibility.

It probably dates to 1960 - 1970's and may be an knockoff of another popular set or similar sets sold in that era. What leads me to that idea is the way the 5th row is assembled. It is unusual for any of the US makers. It has faceted AB beads, So are the pearls, also a heavier glass type?

I would call it a 5 strand, faux pearl collar Necklace with matching clip earrings - the fact that the earrings are clip-on also helps to date it to before or in the early 1980's.

Both Germany and Japan made certain elements and actual sets of jewelry similar to yours, and none of those hold a makers marking because they would be sold wholesale to American companies. Both the elements and sometimes whole sets. More often though, I've seen some elements made in Germany/Japan that were then incorporated into US made jewelry.

On the "pend" marking. The thing that is being patented is what your interested in, so instead of trying to find a number, try instead to find a specific way in which something is made. My guess would be the clip part of the earring. I just happen to know that many US jewelry companies were always looking to find better, less painful clips for their earrings, and Monet had quite a few more than most companies - so that might help you a little bit too.

Good luck and keep us posted if you learn more, it's a cool set, and in very good condition for it's age!


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