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I'm a glass & china seller who has come into a bunch of jewelry and am way over my head. I'm okay if it's costume jewelry with typical marks, but this ring might be artisan and I don't want to "give" it away if it's "better" than run of the mill. It's signed .925 on one side and what looks like an H.G. on the other side. The G is clear but the H could be an M or an N. Just

 the right side and the lower part of the left show up. The only HG I found was Hans Gehrig and this is kind of different from much of what he did, but has some similarities too. The stones kind of look like real amethyst but could be rhinestones so any input on that would also be appreciated. I'm probably way off & way too hopeful, but would appreciate input from anyone who knows more about jewelry than the small amount I know! 

I hope I add the pictures correctly. I messed one up before and got in trouble wit

h Mr. Tom!


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That is likely Amethyst stones in your sterling silver setting. I'm not familiar with the G. that is all I can make out, unfortunately. If there is more, maybe a different shot? I know it's really tough to photograph those tiny marks though.

But just going on style alone, this particular configuration was very popular in the 1980's and into the 90's as well, if memory serves. Sometimes rings like this would be combined with another of the same style as a wedding ring set. ( They fit together in the V shape) So, maybe start a search using those terms and see where it might lead.

In any case, I wouldn't be terrified on price. Unless the artist has stunning $ prices, your safe adding (semi precious gem stone + scrap silver price plus 10-12% or so to your final asking price). 

Hopefully you now can find similar configurations and see what current selling prices are. 

BTW- I do collect and sell old costume jewelry and or I"m happy to help if you've got old ones, or I still buy here and there on stuff before 1970. :)

Thanks so much for the input. The mark in front of the G is worn but looks like an H. The only one I can find who used H.G. and did artisan work is Hans Gehrig. He goes for the hundreds/thousands. I'm sure I'm not lucky enough to have one of his, but the arches holding the amethysts in look a little like some of the stuff he made. So that's my fear, lol, that I sell the ring for $9.99 when it's worth $200 because it is a Hans Gehrig piece. Any thoughts on it being one of his?

Most of what I've come across in what I got is mainly easily identified costume jewelry. I did have one nice Hattie Carnegie piece but this is the first "signed" artisan piece. If I get tired of trying to figure it all out, I may contact you. 

Thanks for any input.

OK, Here is Hans Gerrig mark, from the sterling silver ID site. I wasn't able to copy the photo or screen shot it either, but it is exactly "H G Sterling". It certainly could look like a "M". So, if your confident yours is the same as the one on this site (link below), then I would try and find your ring or something very similar to it. Then you can confidently attribute it to this artist. He was/is? a Canadian Brutalist style jewelry maker, which frankly is a little different from your ring, but who knows, it's certainly possible.  

Try "Signed semi precious gemstone and sterling ring, signed Gerrig" or something similar and go through as many images as you can, to try and spot a similar or identical piece. That's the best I can do for ya. Good Luck!


Thanks again, Vicki. I see some of the Brutalist style in the pieces that hold the amethysts on. Also, I did find a gold ring that he did that had amethysts in it. Still not sure though so will keep looking. I appreciate the input.


Really need a clear pic of the marks which appear to be old and rubbed. If the G is on its own then it will be probably be a date letter. Without the rest of the marks, it's impossible to say.


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