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Amongst all the lingering jewlery items I still hold here trying to learn more about them is this old bracelet.   I thought I had found enough similar pieces to nail it down to Buda-Pest Austro-Hungarian era.   But as I persisted I admit the only place I find a PV listed is for Pavia in Italy!   Let's start by showing you the thing and if you might help .. truly appreciated once more.   Zeke

I know you will not be able to parse the marks .. but they are clearly to be this:

One oval has a PV in it.  The other a very clear A835, which I presume is the silver quality and perhaps a country or city letter.

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Hey Zeke, I love to see all your cool and unusual finds! I don't know a whole lot on Italy vs. Austria but I do know that pieces from the WWI era are often pieced out from different areas of Europe. Because of shortages caused during and after the war. 

I also think that the standard markings of *800 *925 were not fully established until the 1920's. Stalin, I think changed things up for Italy. Which of course means your piece was made before that time.  The A might be a province in Italy, The clasp may have been made in Hungary, and other bits could be from elsewhere in Europe, this is not uncommon in Jewelry and also in Clocks - I've seen it there too. 

Lastly the silver you have here is covered or filled with gold, that makes your piece Vermeil, if you didn't already know that. Keep us posted please! I love to hear the final answers too! LOL :)

Once again, thanks for your reply.  Strangely enough, and I am not sure why I didn’t do this before, but I just Googled A835 Silver and it pulled up a string of hits all pointing to Belgium!   Somehow this thing smacked of Astro-Hungarian to me from the get go.   Like I know anything I guess!  Ha.  

Not convinced yet though.   And the PV still A mystery.  I find some eBay items kpwhere they insdicate that is Buda-Pest.    And that fits with Hungary.   But the .925 Silver site doesn’t have a PV or any other Budapest reference I have found.   So, no joy yet.   

From 1942 to 1990 silverware was marked on a voluntary basis with a four-petal flower and the fineness mark featured the letter A followed by the fineness indication within an oval frame.
Silver fineness was .900 and .800 (1942-1990, letter code A), raised to .925 and .835 after 1990 (letter code AG) but actually various other fineness marks are used on Belgian silver (e.g. A830, A835, 950M) 

I need to see that PV somehow.

About the best I can do Molly .. see what you think.   Zeke


Okay, I see it now! Thank you

Molly, do you have any idea IF the PV is Budapest or not?   And does the simple oval with the A835 indicate some other time frame?     Somehow tthis bracket is no way 1966 or newer.    I am looking for purchase records,  but almost all of this trove came from estate sales from early 1960s, impying it was surely older than 1966.   And it sure as heck appears to be much older.     May never know, truly appreciate your interest.   Zeke

I know P is Pest, as in BudaPEST...

If it is an export mark, perhaps the bracelet is older but it was exported/stamped to go out of the country later?

Just as an added sidebar .. perhaps you are all well aware of this … but because I sold off about 50 old books of worldwide silver makers marks from the estate collection I am reduced to the grim task of Googling everything.   I troll the usual silver sites .. but for whatever reason I had not glommed onto this site until yesterday .. and I appreciate its user interface and flexible searching aspects .. check it out if you haven't yet!

It is defaulted in this link to Budapest Hungary .. 


Hmmm, Molly and Zeke, Although you found some info pointing to P and Pest and etc. The hallmark does not hold the image, as in your post?

The heads of state, I assume are not with Zeke's mark, so I'm not sure that means it is 1966. Or Budapest. Personally, I think this bracelet is much older than that - ca. 1900 to 1920. The links indicate an older piece as well. 

It could be that the PA marking is unknown? But also note that the use of the number 835 on silver also puts this bracelet in an earlier time frame, in most cases. Just my two cents. :)

I am fine with your assessment...but it is PV (not PA).  I am merely reporting what I found.


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