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Would anyone hazard a guess as to whether the following photo brooch mark is silver or platinum.

A 900 mark could be either (Would like to think it's platinum obviously but!!!)

There is a mark at the end which looks a little like a mummy to me but again I am asking if anyone might be able to tell me what this symbol is (Possibly a makers mark?)

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Based on what I am finding, when something is platinum it usually has "P", "Pt", or "PLAT".

The rectangular shape is a little different, also, because the customary platinum mark has a "roof" on the top...

That being said, there were a few countries that had their hallmarks, but none of them resembled yours.  Also, 900, seems to be used ALMOST exclusively for platinum, with 999 being more common.

I would say the symbol on the end is a markers mark...but have not located the company with a mummy, yet.  :)

HI Molly, you do know I don't necessarily believe its a mummy, just looks a little like one lol

Does look like a figure of some kind though?

The symbol does not look like anything i have come across so far.  But, I am sure it is a mummy.


Can we see the rest of your item please? And any details you have, where it was found, family heirloom or? Size etc... 

Hi Vicki,

Here are a copy of photographs.

Brought off eBay and more than likely silver than platinum, but one can always hope.

I will know for sure when it arrives.

Stones look to be paste, and if so the metal will almost definitely be silver, but will double check when it arrives.

It's still a lovely item which should clean up nicely, and if silver I might even replace the stones with low value diamonds (Better diamonds if platinum) or some other gem(s)

I need to cannibalise another brooch to use the pin, as the pin on the back of this brooch is missing.



HI Mark, It's beautiful! Looks to have some age as well, I"d guess around 1920 to 1940. Now that I can see it, I'm about 99% sure that it is silver. In almost every case items placed in Platinum are true Gemstones, as it's an expensive metal to use and always has been pricey.

Also, I think you will want to, at the very least, replace your rhinestones, as many of them are "Sick". When rhinestones get wet, be-it in rain, or someone trying to "clean" them, the moisture will "kill" the glass/paste stones. They become yellow, or brown in discoloration and it's not possible to restore them, to make them brilliant again sadly. Your blue stone is almost certain to be Turquoise, and I've got a hunch your artist might be Mexican. As in "Taxco, Mexican Silver". I'm not certain of course, but we recently had another poster here with another Taxco item, if you can go back, under the "Whad ya find" group you could read over the info and see the links, that would also be applicable to your piece. Please do keep us posted, I'd love to hear what you discover, when you get your pretty broach in hand. :) Congrats on a very cool, old broach!

The mark 900 is a European (Germany and others) mark for sterling silver. The blue stone is turquoise but probably from Syria where perfect blue stones are found. I've never seen the 900 mark used in Mexico, esp in Taxco.  Platinum uses 999 as its mark.

Lastly the reverse pic shows a gold colored eyelet at 9:00 through which a silver chain would run. Meaning this is a pendant, not a brooch.  A "broach"is what a small boat does when it hits a big wave. (fills up with water and sinks)


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