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Country Joe started a discussion on all kinds of vintage advertising that included old advertising tins. However, I thought it deserved it's own discussion thread. So...everyone welcome to share your tin collections here! Ask questions and post photos.

VINTAGE Uneeda Bakers Cheese Wafers Tin from IAO Facebook!

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Country Joe had this to say about collecting vintage advertising tins, "Advertising tins have been around for hundreds of years. Made to hold items like coffee, candy, tobacco and many other items. They also come in many sizes, I think the smallest I've every had was a Bell-ans for Indigestion, Vest pocket tin. 3/4 x 1" in size. Advertising tins were also made in many different shapes. Cigarettes came in rectangular shaped tins, many tea tins are square. Figural tins in numerous shapes, everything from animals to cars, are hard to come across.

Coffee tins are also a nice colorful collectible and great to hold things, Band-Aid tins are also pretty neat. Maybe you have an old printers tray, many small advertising tins are available to fill it. Collectible medicine and other drugstore related tins are also very interesting. Some of the harder tins to find are the one that old razors came in, the earlier oyster tins are also tough to come by. Vintage advertising tins can run from a couple of dollars up to thousands for some of the rarest tins. Just recently an Austin Powder Co. Blasting Cap tin sold for over $10,000 at auction.

Advertising tins, because of their original use, often have scratches, dents, even a little rust, so don't let a few imperfections scare you off. But like most collectibles the nicer they are the more desirable. Many of the more recent tins are also collectible, more for the look than the value. But beware of repos of the older tins. Actually the newer type tins are collectible but are priced accordingly."


What's in your collection??

YSI Antiques and Collectibles

Old and New in Advertising Tins:

Pretty candy tin, Counting Crows Hard Candy

And Sunshine Krispy Crackers, Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co. St Louis, MO.

Don't have a photo source on either one of them but thought they were so worth posting!

Looking for a rare tea tin to complete your collection?

GrapeSugar: Brimfield Antiques Fair

Anyone collect biscuit tins? Here's a Biscuit Tin Board that is fun to see!

1920 Hoffman Cookie Tin

I love this beautiful red tea tin...with an elephant!

Williamson & Magor

Love this vintage Blue Bird Cats Kittens Wash Day Toffee Tin from the 1960s

Blue Bird Toffee Tins

Vintage Empire Sewing Thread Tin from 1950's

"The tin was made by the Silver Crane Company and advertises Empire sewing thread with the beautiful lion's head logo. The tin perfectly represents a wooden cotton reel with the lid and base being slightly oversized from the body of the tin, and the body is printed with the design of red sewing thread with a needle pushed through it. The base and lid each bear a different printed design which would have been seen on the actual cotton reel."


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