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These old ads that surrounded our holidays were intriguing and bring back lots of memories! Since we are in the holiday season again...please share your vintage ads that were marketing around Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Nissen's Old Home Bread

Vintage jello Ads

What ads are in your collection??

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When the spirit of Thanksgiving fills the air...it's Maxwell House Coffee time!

Maxwell House Vintage Coffee Ads

Old Forester Advertising Collectibles...full dress for the Holidays!

What a classy car - and a great marketing idea! Let the automobile tell the story...from 1952.

Nash Airflyte Ad, 1952

Oh my...this vintage advertising ad for Plymouth is awesome!!

"Here they come, Mom! And Jim won't need the wish-bone - they've got their PLYMOUTH!"

For years, many Plymouth ads looked like this. An idyllic scene, straight out of Norman Rockwell’s America, and one line of dialogue. No wild performance claims or faux-sophistication. A new Plymouth was as good as Mom’s turkey, and that’s all you needed to know…"

Now this classic ad is putting me in the mood for the holidays!!

In my garage blog talks about vintage advertising, "Think Holiday car advertising started with Lexus and the “big red bow”? You can trace the trend a lot farther back than that, friend. Buick in the 20′s, Mercury in the 40′s, Cadillac… well, pretty much all the time. Yep, automakers have been using Christmas to tug at our heart and wallet strings since the early days of internal combustion."

Have any cool Thanksgiving or Christmas car advertising ads?

"This Cadillac ad from 1955 is an obvious precursor to the big red bow. No need to talk about cubic inches or upholstery material. This one’s selling pure, chrome-plated happiness. Heck, even the angel on the left shoulder is reaching for the keys…"

Holiday Themed Vintage Advertising

"No matter how many times the automaker reinvents itself, this is the image of Cadillac most of us over the age of 35 hold on to. Cadillac is the country club Holiday party you want to attend, and a way to get there in style when they finally let you in…"

Holiday Themed Vintage Ads

World War II-era shirt advertisement. The value-conscious and patriotic ideals of the times are encapsulated perfectly in the first line of copy; “This year, gifts carry a special significance!” A sentiment to which I’m sure more than a few of us can relate today…

Holiday Themed Vintage Advertising

And, lest we get wrapped-up in our own materialism, don’t forget who really brings us Holiday joy. No, it’s not Santa Claus. It’s the fine folks at GMC Trucks…

Holiday-Themed Vintage Ads

Buick makes no small claims in this 1928 piece, the earliest Holiday-themed car ad I could dig up. “THE GIFT”. As in, “Don’t bother thinking of something else. This is it.” It’s a great bit of vintage design, too, with hand-painted lettering atop a well-executed illustration. Young designers who have never held an x-acto knife take note. There’s no “undo” button here, only “do again”…

Holiday Themed Vintage Ads

"The Gift SUPREME - the gift that combines thrilling happiness, practical convenience and healthful recreation - the gift that makes Christmas last for thousands of mile - is the finest and most fashionable of motor cars, the new Buick with Masterpiece Body by Fisher. Make your family genuinely happy on Christmas day. Give them a Buick!" 1928 Ad.

Design-wise, I love this 1960 ad for Morris. Cool-simple graphics and modern typography sum up the trends of the era…

Vintage Holiday Ads


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