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Collectors Weekly writes, "The Super Bowl is the most watched television event in the United States every year, and some people have even advocated making it a national holiday. For football memorabilia collectors, the Super Bowl is also an unparalleled spectacle for sports collectibles, from programs and ticket stubs to pennants and lapel pins.

The first Super Bowl was played in 1967 between the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. At the time, the contest was not known as the Super Bowl, which is why tickets to that first game, which are highly collectible today, bear the words “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” It was not until after the two leagues merged in 1970 that the Super Bowl brand was attached to the championship game."

Who played that year? Who won? Do you collect or sell Super Bowl Memorabilia?

Original Pair Tickets Super Bowl VI

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"Oh, I wish that I could play football! I wish that I could play football and have some fun. For if I could play football I'm sure I'd be number one. Dreamland Training Camp 8:00 nightly"

Vintage Room Sign: Football Boy

Vintage Chesterfield Advertisement: New York Champions (not football but a prominent 1950 sports advertising collectible!) New York Times Store

Chesterfield Cigarettes were a popular brand, especially during from the 1930s through the 1950s.

We are on 'countdown' to Super Bowl Sunday! With the game in an open stadium in a cold, wintery location...it will be a unique one to remember. Maybe with lots of collectible memorabilia unsold with low crowds.

Here's a collectible from 1977 when it was in sunny Pasadena!

Vintage Super Bowl Limited Edition

"The Packers won that first championship game 35-10, asserting the NFL’s superiority over the AFL in front of a sparse crowd. Programs from that game, as well as the second Super Bowl, in which the Packers defeated the Oakland Raiders, are the most collectible Super Bowl programs." Collectors Weekly

Note to Collectors: "After a Super Bowl, a second wave of items—commemorative shirts, plaques, rings, and signs—are created to honor the victorious team. These are often must-haves for diehard fans. But a major problem with Super Bowl collectibles is that they are easily reproduced and frequently reissued, which makes both authenticating and dating an item tricky." Collectors Weekly

TODAY is Super Bowl Sunday and my team is playing!! So...this will be a post about DENVER BRONCO collectible memorabilia. :)

NY Giants Denver Broncos Classic By Leroy Nieman on eBay $3500.00

Ok...not sure how "collectible" Bronco memorabilia will be now. But, we certainly made history. However, John Elway had three such disaster super bowls and his memorabilia sells pretty well. Time will tell.

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and my team played again!! This time in the distinguished Super Bowl 50. This has to generate memorabilia that will bring high dollars eventually.

Greenbay played Kansas City and won that year with Bart Star and lead by Vince Lombardi.  My cousin played in the first and second Superbowls (both of which Greenbay won) and he has the rings to prove they emerged victoriously.  His name is Jim Taylor and he was the Runningback for Greenbay.  Since we're talking about the first Superbowl I wonder if you might provide me with some information.  Jim gave me a Super Bowl I Action Team Postcard which I assume were made for each team member who played in the first Superbowl.  It says NFL on it and has Greenbay's emblem. It has been graded "7" by PSA/DNA and it is simply signed Jim Taylor, HoF.    The cover shows an action shot with my cousin in the foreground and the back of the card has statistics about him.  I've never been able to find any information on this type of card, and I wondered if you might know the value of such a card (not that I would part with it).  It is hanging in my house and it seems like everyone who see's it ends up asking me if I know the value of the card.  Now I'm curious.  Thank you for any information you might have.

Wow, Linda! What a nice collectible!! I'm certainly not an expert on Team Postcards but here's Collector's Weekly Football Overview of all kinds of memorabilia. Somewhere in this article, there could be a link to experts who could provide some kind of value for you.


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