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I love Hilda! A red-headed, vibrant pin-up girl for forty plus years by artist Duane Bryers, she began her debut in 1957. Each painting is unique...Hilda is so full of life and her ribs are not sticking out. :) She starred in advertising calendars of all sizes and shapes. Making a perfect collectible.

Toile Girls

There are other Hilda advertising collectibles from water glasses to playing cards. But, the calendars were the main-stay for 47 years!

Feel free to add any "Hilda" collecting tid-bits or other vintage advertising calendars.

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Love Hilda any season! But, these pumpkin scenes are the best. Vintage Hilda Pin-up Girl

Vintage pin-up girl, Hilda...getting in some exercise! Love this character from the past...

Peanut on the Table

I wondered how winter would mix with vintage calendar pin-up girl, Hilda! This is how...

Did you know that Duane Bryers painted over 250 scenes of the sexy Hilda?

Hilda Gallery

During the Christmas season, many businesses distributed advertising calendars for the new year. Many still do. Here's a 1940 Calendar with a message: "May Holiday Cheer be Yours Throughout the Year."

Vintage 1940s Advertising Holiday Christmas Calendar Brooklyn NY Pa...

In honor of the first day of spring...HILDA, by Duane Byers.

It's not quite spring but it is close to Easter! Celebrate with vintage Hilda. :)

One of Duane Bryers' incredible Hilda paintings done specifically for Bigelow & Brown's Hilda calendars. These were illustrated between 1957 and 1970 although Mr. Bryers continued to do original paintings for the calendars until the early 1980s. These were all primarilly rendered in watercolor employing the service of a number of "plus-size" models, but more often than not, he used only his imagination of "Hilda."

Pinup Girls

I need a HILDA Calendar for 2016! Wouldn't that be fun to have a reproduction vintage calendar??


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