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"Few brands have been as effectively and aggressively marketed as Coca-Cola, which was invented in 1886 by John S. Pemberton. Almost from day one, advertising materials, including signs, were produced to trumpet the virtues of the sweet, carbonated beverage. In fact, in his first year of business, Pemberton spent more money on advertising than he took in, producing, among other items, 14 outdoor signs painted on oilcloth and another 45 painted on tin. Today, thanks in part to his early obsession with advertising, Coca-Cola is one of the best-known brand names in the world.

The first metal Coca-Cola signs were lithographed or painted. Known as tackers, these signs were designed to be nailed directly through the metal and onto a wooden wall or fence. Even at this early moment in the company’s history, Coca-Cola understood the power of the celebrity endorsement—by the end of the 19th century, the popular opera singer Hilda Clark was pitching the beverage on rectangular and oval signs, made out of everything from paper to metal.

By 1910 the short-lived era of large outdoor oilcloth signs had come to an end. Because these signs wore out quickly (they were no match for the elements), they were systematical...

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That's fine! Just wanted others to be able to go to the source if/when it's available! Thanks!!

Just sayin'...things do go better with coke! :) Even Thanksgiving Dinner!

Coca Cola Santa!

Vintage Advertising Spotlight:

"It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re celebrating by taking a look at some vintage Christmas Coca-Cola ads from the great Haddon Sundblom.

Clement C. Moore and cartoonist Thomas Nast are often credited with “inventing” Santa Claus as we now know him during the 1800’s, but Sundblom’s ads were so popular when they first appeared in the 1930s, many consider him to be a key figure in establishing the modern image of Santa in the minds of Americans."

Another Sundblom Ad...for Christmas!

Vintage Advertising Spotlight

Love this old 1959 ad for Coca Cola during Thanksgiving: America Pauses to Be Thankful!

Coca-Cola Soda Ad

Coca-Cola Vintage Advertising and Christmas go hand in hand! In fact, Coca-Cola Santa images have been credited to changing the skinny santa to the fat, jolly American icon Santa. Which one do you like best?

Vintage Coca-Cola Advertising - Christmas

Coca-Cola advertising has been over the top creative in signage but a gorgeous Limoges box?? Dated 1903 with calendar inside...HILDA CLARK COCA COLA Advertising Calendar Cover.  Hilda Clark was an actress and model who became famous in 1895 as the first woman to be featured on a tin Coca Cola tray.  Hilda Clark remained the advertising face of Coca Cola until she got married in 1903.

Limoges Box Collector

Coca-Cola markets through vintage Jadeite pottery!

Coca-Cola Jadeite Measuring Pitcher

Thinking about how Coca-Cola advertised each season, it inspired me to find some the best SUMMER TIME vintage advertising! How about you?

"...the pause that refreshes with ice cold Coca-Cola..."

Wentworth & Leggett

Sip and zip! says the Coca-Cola vintage advertisement! :)

Is this like all the "Coca-Cola Girls" rolled into one vintage advertising? Summer Days by Coca-Cola Art Gallery

“Here’s the way to feel refreshed” was a slogan that caught the eye from magazine readers in the 1940s. “Your thirst takes wings when you treat it with to an ice-cold Coca-Cola”. Even the busiest man in the world comes up smiling after ‘the pause that refreshes’.
From the earliest days, ‘Coca-Cola’ has a very simple purpose, and that is to offer people of the world a moment out of the day to relax, to enjoy and to be refreshed.
The feeling when you drink an ice-cold ‘Coke’ from that traditional curvy glass bottle on a steamy hot day is one of those things you never forget or fail to appreciate. Your whole body relaxes as that caramel-like sweetness hits your tongue and is followed by that wonderfully pleasant burn as it hits the back of your throat and is finally welcomed by your stomach as it quenches your thirst. That, my friends, is refreshment!"


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