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    Found this wonderful bowl at our local Goodwill. I can't believe no one recognized the Rookwood mark because this particular store is very aware of what's antique or valuable. There's a little old lady that works there and she definitely knows her art pottery. I talked to her about a Roseville piece I found there one day. They usually put such things in the showcase priced accordingly or post them on Facebook. Even thought it has a chip it's still a rare production piece and color. The had a blue one on the "Antiques Roadshow" a few years back. I'm considering having it professionally repaired although I might try it myself since it's small . The one restoration site I requested an estimate from has tutorials to help guide you though the process and what materials to use. I'm pretty good at detail work like this so I may give it a try.  -Mike-

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It's beautiful mate.

I have to say though that what you mentioned about Goodwill really irks me. The local ones here do the same thing. The staff either pick what they think is worth dollars themselves and it never gets to the floor or it comes out with a boutique store price on it. That's reprehensible in both cases. I've even had staff pilfer things from the back so it never comes out and then a couple of days later the staff approached me trying to sell the piece to me as they know I'm a dealer. I also get asked all the time about values of items like watches and jewelry, small stuff that's easy to pilfer, because the skels working at the Goodwill want to list the items on Craigslist or Kijiji and are too stupid or too lazy to do their own research. Needless to say they don't get any valuable info from me. .BTW most people aren't aware of the fact that, in Canada at least, Goodwill isn't even a charity. They had their charitable status forcibly revoked by the government for a whole raft of reasons but mostly because barely anything was actually going to charity.

Ok end rant, lol.

Nice piece indeed :{)=

Thank you for the compliment Treasure Hunter D and I totally agree with you.The internet and smartphones are a blessing and a curse. It's made researching antiques on the spot within the reach of everyone, but you still need the knowledge to point you in the right direction. As I said  I can't believe this got past them...lol. I've talked to the restoration shop already and it's only 140 to fix it properly so that's cost effective. They are in Connecticut and I'm in Ohio but shipping this piece would make me extremely nervous. Still thinking this option though.  I have an 18th century Chinese Qianlong punch bowl with a "hunting scene "on it from another Goodwill . I'll have to post it as well. That was an incredible find and I knew it was real but I still had an expert look at it to verify it. I know just enough to make me dangerous...lol. -Mike-



Mike,  What a wonderful Find.  I am really surprised that this piece wasn't grabbed up in a hurry.  This looks like a very rare piece & large.  So that means high dollar item.  I would have it professionally fixed, unless you have done this before.  I love my Rookwood, it just has such a rare & distinct look to it.  I did not know that Rookwood, made clocks for short period.  Anyway I found one in a small shop around here.  Had the Rookwood logo.  I called a big auction house in Cinn. that sales a lot of rare Rookwood.  He confirmed that, Yes, they made clocks, & gave me some info., so I went back to the shop & bought it.

I agree with You & Treasure Hunter, about Goodwill.

Actually in was on a bottom shelf and pushed to the back making it just out of sight. I caught it out of the corner of my eye as I was about to leave. I almost missed it. When I turned it over and saw the mark I knew what it was. This is my first piece of Rookwood. I have a couple Roseville and Weller pieces too. I know you can buy these pieces at retail in a shop but the fun is finding them for next to nothing in the thrifts ! -Mike-

OMG! I want to go shopping with you Mike! It's amazing what you find! Is that date stamp 1930?

Super nice find! I'm very jealous! :P

Hi Vicki, Thanks..... It's actually "XXIX" so 1929. They started using roman numerals in 1901 Prior to that from 1886 they added one flame surrounding the RP logo. They obviously ran out of room with that system. It looks like it was made yesterday instead of 85 years ago. No crazing or dirt not even dusty !  Just that annoying little chip . I wouldn't pass up something like this for that reason although some people would. It's a keeper ! -Mike-


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