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Where do you shop for the best vintage pottery finds?? What would you recommend for a route from Michigan 1-75 to Florida?

I would say you need to save some time for shopping in Atlanta. Here's Biggar's Antiques. I've never been there but it looks amazing!

And...it's not the antique shops but here's Best Attraction Guide for I-75 from USA Today.

What your best kept secrets for a shopping road trip?

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I did a 'search' on Pinterest for Antique Shopping Atlanta and here's the page of photos and links that came up! Oh wow...you are in for a treat, Vicki!

Ever heard of the Country Living Fair just outside of Atlanta? Click on this and see tons of photos. However, it looks like it is in the fall.

Anyone ever heard of the Mission Motif Shop?

Pottery at Mission Motif

This looks very cool too! I love Ephraim pottery! I have one single piece - a Dragonfly one. They are new, but gorgeous using the "old style" and many designs from some of the very best American originals!

Also my GF that is traveling with me LOVES Mission/Arts and Crafts - she would go GA GA in a store like this!

Thank you so much for these great ideas! Where ever we end up, I will take photo's and share here for all to see! :)

Still excited to see your photos, Vicki! ;)

Yes Ellene, and I so wanted to go there to, but when we were near there it was Sunday and it was Closed! UGH

Sure is pretty stuff! :)


Did you get to rent the old movie I recommended: Elizabethtown? Wondering what you thought of it. :)

What about I-75 Super Flea Market in Ocala Florida???

I clicked on their news tab and it was kind of old. And it may be more garage sale junk than pottery. But...who knows??

OOH This looks awesome to! I hope it's still there? It's on my list! Thank you Ellene!

So...Vicki, what secret spots have YOU found for antiquing I-75??

Ellene, I have spent quite a few $$s years ago going up and down the highway, but  I am sure most of the spots I got good deals on are surely closed and gone by now we usually went up and down I-65.

or do you just want to look a t neat stuff, if so Joe Lees in Louisville ky is a neat place, old 3 level school, 

Joe Ley Antiques is today known as one of the largest singly owned
(not a mall) establishments in the United States. The founder, Joe Ley
grew up as an orphan and was passed around, unwanted from family to
family. Never officially adopted, he aged out of the orphanage at 18.
His survival instincts sparked his humble beginnings as he would scour
the neighborhood for discarded items that could possibly be of some
worth or re-cycled in some way. In the mid 1980’s he began supplying
theme restaurants such as Friday’s, Houlihan’s, and Max & Erma’s just
to name a few. 



Wow, Craig! This looks like the place to go!!

Louisville, Kentucky y'all!


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