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Whether you just admire them, collect them or sell them, this discussion is for you! Share your best 'knick knacks' ever!!

This gal simply 'rents' her scores of knick knacks for party decor, cake decorations, etc. What a clever idea!! It's called RENT MY DUST.

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I liked her picture of the head vase being used as a cake topper.   These ladies really grow on you.  I wish I could find head vases in my treasure hunting.

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Retro dog S and P
How cute are these kitschy pups? Found at Salmon Brook Shops Antiques , Granby, CT

Oh, those birds are cute, Ellene.  I'll be sharing my soon.  I love these Kick Nacks!

I love cute Piggy Banks.  Here are some of my favorites.

Cute pigs Shirley.  My first mother in-law collected pigs, she had so many. 

I Love owl salt & pepper shakers.

Smart Chickie, is what I say! :) What a concept, getting to keep all your lovely little knick knacks, and actually making a profit on them! Sounds genius to me!

Shirley - did you see Ellene's post on re-purposed items? There is a wonderful pic of re/up cycled owls - I'm sure you would love them!

Vicki or Ellene where is this re-purposed post at?  Looked for it and got lost on IAOL!  LOL

I would love to see those owls Vicki is talking about.

Here's the link to the article: Antiques and Collectibles ~ To Live Again but I don't think I had anything about repurposed owls! lol! I will look for an example though.

My little granddaughter adores owls and 'collects' them on Pinterest. :)

These are GREAT knick knack photos! Love them all!

Isn't that a great idea, Vicki, to just rent your stuff?? Don't have to part with the cuties and treasures but still build a business around them! Vintage weddings and events are a trend so I can see how she is taking advantage of that!

Thanks Ellene for pointing out the article, yes, I had found that one too, but not owls.  I too have always been attracted to owls.  They are so calming, yet sometimes comical.

The lady bug jar is adorable. 

I will keep looking for "owl" repurposing ideas, Shirley. There are tons for jewelry and textiles but I haven't found any yet for ceramics.


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