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I found this black and pink planter and I have not been able to find any information on it. On the bottom is LA POTTERY 34 and close to the bottom base, very difficult to see, I think is CA and two other either letters or numbers. All of the marks are indented rather than raised and the bottom is to close to the edge and not very deep. It is pink and black gradient coloring, all black on one side to the pink and black on the other side, pink interior. I'm guessing mid century in age. It is in very good condition with no cracks or chips. I can't find anything with LA Pottery except the umbrella use for California potters and I can't place this. Help please for information and potential value. Thank you.

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Hi Susan, I think you are new? If so, a couple things might be of great help for you. First, please try to post Clear and focused pics. Second, when asking for help with anything like this (Pottery, porcelain, glass and etc) Please always include a clear shot of the base.

Using a white or grey background (  white paper, a towel or a T-Shirt will do just fine) and taking your photo in natural light if possible, also helps tremendously!

That being said: It appears what you have here is what is commonly called "California Pottery" There were literally Dozens of small pottery operations in and around the CA state from the late 1930's, through to the mid to late 60's when most companies went under, due to cheap imports pouring in from Japan, at that time.

By the color and style of your flower pot, I would guess it to be late 1940's to early 1950's - so "Mid Century" is correct.

Now, finding out WHO made it? That's quite a tall order! and, it is generally not necessary for you to be able to value your item. If that is what you want the info for?

Simply type in "Vintage California Pottery Flower pot/planter, MCM (or) Mid-Century" on google, then, at the top of the page, click images, and you will find dozens of examples!

These do not generally sell well, and when they do, not for a lot of $. I would say $6 - &10 on average. Hope this helps you a bit!

Great information, Vicki! I was hoping you were on this discussion when I first saw it!

Susan...here's a sample link to pottery in that era from 1stopretroshop.  I used the key words: Vintage California Pottery black pink planter


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