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Milk toast.  2 slices of bread,toasted, buttered. In shallow bowl, with milk and sugar.

Home made butter. I can remember shaking the jar forever and eventually the butter formed.

Squeezing margarine.  Break the gelatin capsule of coloring and squeeze it into the oily mixture until it turned yellow. Tasted okay.

Popcorn milk. Glass of popped corn, add milk. Eat with spoon. Boring and tasteless.

Boy Scout meal: 2 lg cans veggie soup, browned hamburger, 2 cans string beans, ketchup. Tube of frozen biscuits: open and cover top of soup. Put on lid.  Makes fantastic dumplings.  Feeds a bunch of kids.

Green (unripe) apples and a salt shaker.  Climb apple tree; eat til your teeth start hurtin or your belly aches.  Mom turned me onto this.  Mom also liked buttermilk. She poured salt into it until the salt sinks...estimate a tspn...too salty for me.

SOS (shi* on a shingle).  Chipped beef (from a jar) and brown gravy, over 2-3 pcs buttered toast. Yummy.  In Navy bootcamp they served SOS at breakfast and while many made fun of it, I wolfed it down.

Ice cubes and salt shaker. Sprinkle liberally onto salt, suck on it. Great in summer.  

Shaggy Manes.  Little white mushrooms. Grow wild in Manito Park in Spokane. After church Sundays we'd fill 2-3 paper sacks full of them. Wash thoroughly, trim, boil, add butter, s & p, heaven...

In Southern Idaho we'd drive along country roads and stop along irrigation ditches where wild asparagus grows. Delicious and free.  We didn't tell anybody where we went.


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