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What is The Worst Pick You Ever Came Home With? Smelly? Messy? Broken?


One year, I bought a lot of old pharmacy stock bottles with liquid ingredients inside. Clueless about the dangers of dumping chemicals down my toilet...i created quite a smelly situation and possibly harmful outcome. The story ended up ok, after the Poison Control operator calmed me down. Moral of the story (for me) I'm never buying pharmacy bottles  with liquid stuff in it. And Im never going to empty chemicals into my toilet.


Tell us your worst pick stories.



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Great Post! A box lot of old comic books has to take the cake for me. I bought them cheap, without really looking them over. When I got them home the smell was overwhelming - and I'm alergic to mold - LOL

I put them in the freezer for 2 weeks - per Kovels solution- no help, then I put them in the garage in a box with charcole and newspaper - another 2 weeks - Nota

Now they reside in my basement in a sealed box with a bunch of bounce sheets in there - ROFL!

Vicki, I so undertand what you are talking about....BTW anyone now how to get the smell out of an old dresser from the 1930s that smells like a little old lady... or a nursing home or moth balls?



Charles....I couldn't take the smell (which only I seem to be sensitive too)...the dresser is on the market for someone without a sensitive nose.



We bought about thirty collector bottles of Jim Beam and other whiskey. My hero husband picked up one box which proceeded to split open at the bottom due to its weight, the contents spilling on to another case, cracking sounds of glass and a gushing of liquids, not to mention the nasty odor of ancient brew - splashed all over him and me. We very fortunate that we didn't get stopped on our way home.

Antiques in Bethania


Funny Funny Funny, thanks for your post,



You should have been there --- you would have appreciated the random people falling on the ground - sort of like the Salem Witch Trials - in a stupor and mumbling incoherently,  "What's that smell," What's that smell," followed by deep sighs. 


"Jim Beam - aged 150 years . . . plus other whiskey of unknown origin," I said as I walked away from numerous people who were grabbing at my feet and lapping up   the puddles.aged. 


I still have about five bottles which were able to be salvaged. The liquid of course, is long ago, evaporated into a plot of ground in an obscure Ilinois Southern town. I hear though - that the owners of the property are wakened every night by the smell of whiskey.   



A few years ago, I came across a collection of empty coke bottles sitting at the curb.  Made a u-turn, parked in the driveway and hastily grabbed the boxes.  Of course, the bottom gave way.  I don't know how many bottles were broken.  I just hope they weren't the more valuable ones.   


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