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I look for Black Americana on Ebay only vintage of course and it is a hot seller!! I am always out bid on this type of collectible and I buy a wide variety of different type of vintage and antique items. So what I have to do is make a sniper attack! I put the items I like in my watch list and in the last 30 seconds of the auction put in my highest bid! It doesn't always work because there are many other snipers out ther like me that come in and get me in the last few seconds! Arrrrrgh!

You do have to know what you are looking for because I noticed alot of repros on Ebay. Mostly the cast iron stuff and the cookie jars. Alot of sellers try to pass it off as vintage or they don't tell you either way in the listing hoping to trick some folks. So beware!

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I love all old items as they are a part of history whether or not I agree with what they represent or represented. I am not an advid Black Americana collector but I do have a few items I can share. I'm from Florida, this first one caught my attention because of the alligator and the colors.
awww he's a cutie!! I notice alot of the vintage black alligator items were souveniers from Florida. I guess because you are famous for the gators ;) I have a salt & pepper set of a black boy sitting on an alligator. I also have a chalkware ashtray depicting a boy getting bit in his butt by an alligator. I will try and post some pics later. Thanks for sharing. I would like to see your other items!
O.K. now, it's time to post those pics!

awwww he's got cute googly eyes!


I thought this might be a repro because paint was so new.
i see those on ebay alot. isn't it a noise maker for parties? the ones i see on ebay are vintage. I don't know if they make reproductions of this item. maybe your's is just in mint condition.
Yep, it is a toy noise maker. Thanks, good 2 know
did you know that cast iron piece of yours the boy on the alligator is a bottle opener?
No, I didn't. But now that you said that I kind of see it. Thats funny, cause I used to collect bottle openers! Thanks. :)


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