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I have two pieces of vintage glassware that I want to put vintage decals on. I purchased one, it fell apart when it hit the water. Are these Meyercord vintage decals NOT able to be used in the way they are intended due to their age?? Please advise, thanks

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I have successfully used old decales by attaching waxed paper to the front side with a warm iron before wetting them. Without the waxpaper they disintegrate in water. Experiment first.
WOW, thanks! How did u ever get that idea?

I had had the decals for awhile waiting for just the right project which ended up being old wooden hangers (the wide ones) painted in pastel colors with a pansy decal in the middle, the widest part and was very disappointed when the first one just disintegrated in the waster.  I was bound and determined to get those pansies on the hangers tho!  

Do experiment with pieces of the cut-away trim.  Don't have the iron too hot or the wax-paper may be too hard to get off.

With mine a quick dip in water was all it took to remove the decal from the original paper backing.

After I placed mine on the wood hangers I placed the warm iron on top as i wasnt sure the old glue was good anymore and thought it wouldn't hurt to maybe heat activate it, not sure if it was necessary but the decals are securely adhered   and aren't coming off.  

Most of the wax-paper peeled off easily, some I had to re-wet and rub off, but it worked well for me.

Good luck and let us know how it worked for you.  My decals were 50 or more years old.

It's helpful people like you that makes me glad I joined this group :-)
I will check back after my project is done!
Well, I tried your method, nah! It didn't work. I trimmed around the decal as close as I could, maybe if I hit it with some spray adhesive it might attach then. I'm so disappointed!!
Sorry it didn't work for you but Catherines link is an excellent idea, I'll be trying that out too.

I was reading the blog Magpie Ethel and her May 23, 2013 entry is about decals.  She uses Minwax.  Here is the url:  http://magpieethel.typepad.com/  She explains how she uses the Minwax and shows pictures. 

Hope this helps,



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