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Really not sure what this piece is or what it was used for.  Any insight would be appreciated.  Its about 4" x 4" and appears to be silverplated.  Front has embossed crown with some initials, but cant make out what the letters, the font is tough to read.

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I just drove myself crazy trying to find the name of these! LOL. They are called a "gorget" It is for a men's necklace, some were highly decorated, others plain,  usually made in silver or German silver (Nickle plate). 

These were worn during the era of ( pre Rev. war) Mountain men and French Voyagers in the American Midwest and West. They go along with the other "accoutrements" a reenactor would wear now, if attending live history events. They are usually called a "Rendezvous". Here is a catalog reference for one. (below)

It's very difficult to tell age, as they are mostly made the same way, But being that yours is silver plate, that may help to indicate it's an older example or possibly an original one. (Rare). Native American's also wore them, mostly in trade. If you contact the trading post (link below) or possibly a history museum schooled in this era of jewelry, maybe they could help you.


Thank you!  I had no idea there was a name for this piece.  Your description makes perfect sense given the history of the item.  Very much appreciate your insight.  Thank you again.

FYI - I did a bit more research on the insignia, it appears to be the emblem used on the 1796 British officers gorget.  Still not sure if its authentic or not, but sill researching. 


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