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Vintage Ceramic had lots of colors. But, wasn't the red and white pieces just the best??

Remember this cute red and white mixing bowl set for Fire King?

Vintage Mixing Bowl Set

Or the coveted red and white polka dot pieces that are still highly collectible?

Sadie Says

Wiki tells us, "Fire-King was originally produced in the 1940s for everyday use, rather than display. It was often sold in bags of flour as a promotional item or was given away at gas stations. Fire-King could also be purchased at local grocery and hardware stores. Several varieties of Fire King dishes were made; nesting bowls, dessert bowls, glass beverage containers, casserole dishes, mugs and more. The vintage nesting bowls, produced by the Anchor Hocking Company, are one of the most sought after collectible dishes of this type."

What's in your hutch? Do you have red and white Fire King dishes to show off?

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These are cute mugs,  perfect for Valentines day.

Would still be cute mugs...perfect for Valentines day! ;)

I Love the "dots" ! I also love the Pyrex version of the "dots" nesting bowls! Those come in lots of different colors, not sure if Hockings version did or not?

Vicki, Anchor Hocking had this set of primary color dots in clear nesting mixing bowls

But they also had a frosted satin version. So pretty!

Love them all. 

Tom and Jerry Anchor Hocking Fire King Set

This festive red and white Tom and Jerry set from Fire-King sold for $20 during Specialists of the South’s Sept. 24, 2011, auction in Panama City, Fla. The set consists of a milk glass punch bowl and six cups with “Tom and Jerry” and holly designs in red. Marked “Anchor Hocking Fire King Made in USA,” the bowl measures 8 1/2 inches in diameter by 4 1/2 inches high; the cups measure 2 3/4 inches high. - See more at: http://www.antiquetrader.com/antiques/collectibles/how-to-collect-v...

On the topic of RED/WHITE Ceramic - how about this adorable bowl with red check bow??

Rare McKee Mixing Bowl

I am in love with this vignette...showcasing our vintage red and white ceramic ware!

Cottage 960 ~ A Vintage Inspired Life

McKee glass

Vintage McKee milkglass Refrigerator dish Red Nautical design Sailboat Ships Wheel & Anchor 1930's vintage Kitchen

Love this, Donna! Nice 1930's refrigerator dish!

Getting excited about RED and WHITE Ceramic Ware....again! :)

Fire King


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