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I have these marbles for sometime after picking them up from a garage sale for my kids to play with but noticed these particular ones and set them aside.

I have been trying to find out what type they are and have found only very little and still couldnt identify them.

What I could find out was that they are handmade as they have cane marks all except for the picture of the group of 6. The four in the middle seem to be made of clay or something and two are smaller than 1cm.

All these marbles , except for one are in excellent condition.

ANY info any could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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am finding it really hard to find the poles on it to get good shots and the sunlight does show the variation in colour a lot better will just keep adding shots till we can get a decent one I suppose.

will upload 4 pics all up, 2 together of opposite sides, but my photography does no justice


the other 2 sides, wish I could get all the detail into the pictures

Amy, this "glassy eyed gal" is gorgeous. As we go along, someone will recognise her. If I owned this mib, it would be in my permanent collection even though I cannot ID it because I think it is pretty. That said, even when we get it IDed don't sell it to the first person who drools on her. You have yet to learn about my ".$17 bids,"  "twenty year peer reviews," and my latest "my secret 20 year slow cleaning process."
Those sorts of remarks mean, I have no idea of the value, but it is a good piece. You will have then figure out what retail, wholesale, and what you are willing to sell it for (dangling preposition again.)
I am not much of a computer guy and have no idea where the italics came from....hopefully they go away as fast as they arrived.

better one's in the sunlight


some more




Amy, I'll need to confirm, but how big is it? I think it could be a moss agate from the Akro Agate Co.


It is 1.7cm, couldn't tell you what that is in inches though?

Sorry, don't know why I asked, on further study, it doesn't matter so much on size on this one. Akro Agate Moss Agate (most likely). Shine a strong flashlight through it and if you get a translucence through the whole thing with fluorescent yellowish/brown base and a translucent brown patch covering 1/4 to almost one half of the marble, then that's what you have here.








It is somewhat translucent, the light does come through, not like a solid and the purple on it stays kinda purple with the light through it

Pretty sure I've got you IDed on this one. I'm getting a bit sleepy though..LOL



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