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Here are three more photos.  Hope to find more soon....

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Keep those pictures coming!!! Remember, pieces with gold, like Americana, cannot go in the microwave. Barbara
Hi Lori! Just how many pyrex pieces do you have, or are they too great to count? LOL
I have a set of primary color bowls that I will not part with, and two extra needing the other two to sell as a set.
I have some of the Americana and some of the Christmas Snowflake.
I know I also have some Fire King or Anchor Hocking pieces packed away. I've purchased different pieces at estate sales.
Barbara, I'm so glad you are moderating this group, as I'd like to learn more about the different vintage pyrex pieces! Is there a pyrex site of current values? I'd really like to know what my pyrex is worth.
I am really afraid of putting any vintage in my microwave oven! Is there any chance of the old pyrex caserole dishes bulging at the bottom? I purchased an old restaurant platter at a garage sale, that looked like someone had put it in a microwave oven, as it had a bulge at the bottom!
Take care, Diane Mc :O)
Diane: If you stick with PYREX from the 1950s and earlier you should have no issues microwaving unless there is gold in the designs or there is already an internal crack of some kind. As for current values, those provided in my current book do seem very realistic. Although in some areas of collectibles and antiques values have come down with the current economic situation, PYREX continues to hold its own. This is strictly a function of the demand - more and more of us are ditching the plastic and switching to vintage glass which is SO much safer and healthier around food. Jim and I are finding it harder and harder to by PYREX for resale. Barbara
What pieces are 1950's and earlier? I remember the Buttterfly Gold from the 1970's, and the solid colors from my grandma's. These are the only pieces that I know what date they are from. Is there a list of what years each pattern was made? Maybe in your book? Thanks Barbara, Lori
Here are my Pyrex pieces!


Great collection! Pinks and turquoise atre very popular colors.

Is the pink mug Pyrex or another manufacturer?
Pink mug - Hazel-Atlas. FYI - we have one piece of PINK Butterprint...only one we've ever had.
Wow! These are great. My favorite colors in Pyrex, can't seem to find these colors here, unless I purchase them on-line. Someday I hope to find some.
Cassandra: Your PYREX is fabulous and your photography wonderful. I am sure many people are really enjoying the pictures you posted. THANKS!
Butterprint is also sometimes found in yellow. It is more common than the pink, but less common than the turquoise.
Jeff: Barbara is right, the mug is Hazel Atlas but I thought it looked good with my Pyrex :)
Lori: These are definitely my favorite colors of Pyrex and I am glad that they look so good together. My boyfriend collects the primary colors of Pyrex plus lime green, so we have quite the collection! Where are you from?
Barbara: Thanks! I am definitely on the search for pink butterprint but I can't find it around here! :(

For all you Pyrex lovers: Only the butter dish and the big pink bowl were over $6! I find alot at auctions, antique malls, and estate or garage sales. I always am on the search for a bargin!

Don't be afraid to mix manufacturers! It is totally acceptable, if they look good together that's what counts. Barbara has even found a new in the box old merchandise set with mixed manufacturers. She had that set like this at the Central Florida GLASSaholics' DG show, here in Lakeland, FL a couple of years ago. It seems like it was BBQ themed.


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