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Over time, I've hosted many tea parties and taught my granddaughter the joys. But, for the past three years, I've hosted a sort of end-of-summer-back-to-school tea party for my friend, Michaela, who is going into the 8th grade this year. She invites her own friends and each year has a different twist. This year, she invited one special friend and it was just lovely. Even though it turned out to be a beautiful summer day, I staged it on the back porch in case the afternoon rains came. After tea, we sat outside on the old metal glider and lawn chairs and leisurely visited.

I used my cream color Royal Doulton "Heather" china with blue napkins and tablecloth. One of my favorite things to do...host a tea party.

This is Michaela on the left.

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Pretty ladies!  Love the tiara!  What a sweet picture.

Here is my contribution to this page.  I suppose my handpainted tea set would be a nice addition to a tea party?  

Elaine,  That is a beautiful set.  Now I know why I'm not finding any pretty china, you have it all.....lol. 

Hahaha!  Believe me, Donna, I WISH I did :)  But you know I would share it all with you.  Have to admit, I work near a wonderful consignment shop, so it's very easy for me to find lovely things :)

Yes, this tea set would be perfect with its hand painted pink roses. Little girls like pink! :)

Abi had pink lemonade in her cup at this early tea party. But, now she drinks straight tea....with lots of sugar! haha!

My daughter worked for a couple of years in an historical tea room :)

I love this historic tea room, Elaine! So vintage and cozy. Thanks for sharing it!

I don't remember exactly what year this tea party happened but I do know the "little girl in tea party training" now drives her own car! :) This is me with my aunts and sister-in-love and her granddaughter...having an impromptu tea party at my dad's place.

Grown up girl from "little girl in tea party training" - future chef?

Is this adorable? Found it on Grace & Poise blog...

This Christmas we were together with all our kids for the first time in seven years. It was heaven. One of our events during the days we were together was a Christmas Tea Party. Our priority was to just have fun with the girls and...to introduce our youngest granddaughter, Leia, to tea time. She turned one year old in September! LOL! Abi, our nine year old granddaughter was the pro and certainly gave meaning to the event by reading "My First Tea Party" book out loud to everyone and coaching Leia on holding up her pinkey while sipping. Leia didn't get a porcelain china tea cup like the rest of us but she was a happy baby getting to drink real tea! :)


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