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I have a large collection of previously used stamps. Most of them from the early 1900's. Some $0.01, $0.02 all the way up to mid century. 85% of them are in excellent condition. I brought them all to a few stamp dealers here in New Jersey and they all told me they aren't worth that much at all. I'm perfectly ok with that. I just want to get rid of them, any thoughts or advice on who to goto to sell them?

I have over 1000 of them. Some mint sheets of olympics, and various different stamps from other countries. All help will be appreciated.


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Get hold of Bob Dumaine at: http://www.shduck.com/cgi/read.cgi?page=aboutus&cart=

I have dealt with them since 1985 and have been more than happy with their service and stamps.

Good luck,   Preston

Thanks a lot Preston, I'll give him a try. Keep you posted. ;)


Unfortunately most used stamps of that era, especially foreign, are not worth much.  Your best bet is to package them in quantities of 50-100 in glassine envelopes and put them on E-Bay.  You won't realize to much of a profit as small dealers buy them to re-sell.  Or, if your local school has a stamp club you could donate them.  I would certainly hold on to the Mint Sheets.  I have been selling stamps, FDC's and such for about 20 yrs so if you have any further questions let me know. 

Good luck,


Thanks a lot Rich. I'll keep you posted. I was a Top Rated Seller & Powerseller on eBay for 4 years but no longer sell on their platform due to many complications with them and PayPal. Once I get around to it, I'll be in touch if I need your advice. :)


Just left eBay myself. Same problem as you.  No longer a site for the low volume hobby seller, maybe 50 or less items.  I was with them for 8 years, mostly FDC's.  Now I find that it's Dealers buying from dealers. By the way, I found the secret to getting 15,000++ positives on their store.



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