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Hi, my aunt just gave these to me and asked me to look up, she said they were here grandmothers.

Any ideas why the backs have posts? Do you think it's Kalk marking?

Thanks in advance and happy Thanksgiving!

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I'm glad you are as intrigued as I am!

Most of the "Swinging Lovers" (hmmm;)) lamps that I have found have the woman's dress touching the ground or in the back have a tree stump to secure the figures to the base.  Still not sure about the rusty hardware.

Thank you so much for looking into it!

Your picture showing the two girls sitting next to two girls is misleading. I believe that you have 2 separate items. Both are missing the rope or string (possibly monofilament line) that would attach to an overhanging branch, and thread through, around and under to the seat on which she is sitting. My guess is that the objects were damaged beyond repair and are now worthless.

The following picture is made by Arnart, in Japan, of porcelain. Although not the same figurines they are by the same maker.

Image result for Arnart Creations two girls swinging

By the way, this object was made in Dec 2017.

Yes they are 2 pieces.  Interesting information. Thank you!

Given the two figurines are mirrored versions of each other, they were probably part of a set, as per the image below.

That makes sense, thank you! Still doesn't answer the bolts in the back though!


Check this out!  I found them but there is no hardware on the back!

You have to scroll down the page quite a bit to find them, because they were sold.  It says they are from an old oil lamp?  But they are displayed on a gold hanger base.  It is odd that they have the same scratches on the backs of their arms, like they rubbed against something...but no hardware?  

Now it seems like your couples may have been repurposed, up-purposed, or....I don't know.

wow - you found it! nice job! They must've been repurposed, 2 lamps I'm guessing. Thank you, Molly!

Close, nice find Molly...I notice a wall mounting hole on the bottom of the swing. The double hole allows the nail head (or screw) to enter, then slide and lock it in position.

Also, I wonder why the seller didn't show the top of the wire stand from which the swing was tied?

I see it sold for $105.00; you have a set (two) makes yours worth more. 

Maybe you or hubby can fashion a couple wire swing holders out of a clothes hanger, or use 2 eye screws per unit, some gold string/thread, hang from a shelf, window ledge, ceiling, etc. Wind or drafts might cause it to swing by itself.  Make sure it's cat or kid safe.

I keep thinking of more stuff!  Is that rusty junk on yours attached by way of the double hole described above?  If so, you know how to remove it!

Wow - you two (Tom and Molly) are fantastic! I packed them up in defeat but I'm going to pull them out this week and check out what to do with them. I'm going to see if I can remove the questionable stuff from the back. Thank you!!!


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