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Where do you shop for the best vintage pottery finds?? What would you recommend for a route from Michigan 1-75 to Florida?

I would say you need to save some time for shopping in Atlanta. Here's Biggar's Antiques. I've never been there but it looks amazing!

And...it's not the antique shops but here's Best Attraction Guide for I-75 from USA Today.

What your best kept secrets for a shopping road trip?

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OMG! Looks like Heaven to me! :) Thank you so much Craig! I'll be adding this to our "list of possible stops" We were also thinking about stopping at the "American Pickers" store in Memphis, I think?

Has anyone been there? I wonder if it's cool, or just for show?

So Far, I'm mostly zero'd in on a few stores owned by FB friends in the various groups I belong to, there are few in OH, and one in KY. I've still got to put a post up in a few other groups.

Why not support our US small business's right? And, we might attend an auction that we can drag the guys to in FL, and or hit a few estate sales on the way back!

I wish I could afford to travel around "hunting" for a month - LOL It would be such fun!

Sounds like it is going to be a GREAT trip, Vicki! Can't wait to see your finds!

Vicki, how did your March Trip to Florida go?? Did you find some cool treasures?

HI Ellene, I'm afraid we were not able to hit many sites on own trip, because of time constraints. I wish I could have spent another week to keep shopping, and I would also be avoiding the WINTER temps of freezing here in MI too!

We planned on going to the Joe Leys Big antique store that Craig posted, but we landed near there on Sunday. They were closed on Sunday AND Monday, so we were very disappointed on that one!

We did find a very fun auction in Brownsville TN. I got a vintage Coca Cola drinking set, an Antique Italian Claret and a PEDAL car - LOL

We also hit a really nice flea market, somewhere near the boarder of TN/KY on the South Western side. "Elizabeth Town" might be the name, a really cute little place it is! I got lucky and found lots of vintage and Mid Century pottery there, that had really good prices too! I will post some pics when I get them unpacked and cleaned up!

We also landed in WV on our way there. The Garmin (GPS) had a mind of it's own, and we found ourselves on a "Mystery Tour" going all the way down to Savanna GA. LOL So, once we stopped in WV, it occurred to me that Fenton Glass was right down the street! We went, and I spent too much on a gorgeous vase for my collection. But only after finding out that Fenton is in BIG financial trouble, yet again. :(  I believe I talked with one of the Fenton Brothers - Randy. He was very nice and told us that they cannot even make their own glass currently, and are buying blanks from Blenko and Mosser Glass in OH, and having their artists decorate them.

So, it was disheartening, but I keep hoping that the collectors will make a comeback and save them again!

I'll keep you posted, as I've not even started to unpack my treasures, too busy with playing catch up on everything else!

I love the 2005 movie Elizabethtown! The town is between Louisville and Nashville and the movie was named it even though most of the movie was filmed in other Kentucky towns because Elizabethtown has allowed their historical buildings to be torn down due to commercial development. That's just wrong! Anyway, glad to hear they had a fun flea market!

Wow, and you got to go to Fenton Glass! I actually thought they had to close down a few years ago. Glad to hear they are still hanging in there.

Thanks for sharing, Vicki! And if you unpack any pottery treasures, post on here for sure! :)

Oh Wow! I had no idea there was a movie named after that town! But, I'm sure that's it! We were heading toward Louisville to go to the Joe Ley's place, so I'm sure that's where we were!

I guess I did kinda notice a lack of "Old" Buildings, in the main part of town. It's set in the rolling hills near mountains, so it's still a very pretty area. The flea market is just on the outskirts near the freeway. How sad... I just hate when "leaders" choose to destroy old and important structures because they want "new development" - UGH

They did the same thing to our little town of Mt. Clemens near me. But, Thankfully many were preserved due to the public protesting! We only lost about a block or two to "New Development" - and it's VERY ugly office space that has been sitting empty for years! And they tore down two very historic "Bath City" hotels for a new county building in one instance and a really ugly strip mall and drug store in the other!

But, I will be sure to try and find this movie now, Thanks!

You will love the movie after experiencing Kentucky. It stars Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. It also involves a road trip and the music is fun! Like I said it was made 10 years ago but a classic in my opinion. :)


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