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This a Jabo experimental. How many colors? Sorry this picture is so bad, but it is the only picture I have and can't find the marble.

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maybe, but I doubt it...I might try and tell you ten colors, b ut would be a seller at eight for a whole bunch of reasons.

At this point that is a loaded question, being it will depend on whom you are asking. You could count the different colors I see including a separate count for each shade of a color and I include white as a color.This would make perfect sense although being not everyone sees color the same or as well as the next or last guy....you would likely get a different count for as many counters. Also at what point does it stop? Do we get out the scopes and really count every shade?

Some count only the color that were introduce into the glass, that is yellow and red but not the orange that may appear from the two blending, or the changes in color because of the density.

Then what if the marble is on a white base? Do you count the white? Some would not.

I am not looking to re invent the wheel but it would be nice to have an agreed upon standard.

You looked at this question and said "Nope, too simple. Let's mess things up." Hahaha When I was counting the colors I went for the ones that were blatantly apparent and were an obvious and big change from the shade before it. I didn't want to get too technical and more then anything wanted to see what Steve's purpose was with posting that question with this awesome marble. I love it! What is this marble Steve? I would love to get my hands on something like that. One day I shall.. One day I shall. Lol. I'm gonna have to hop on over to eBay and see if I can find something like this though. 

I did ask and did not answer because it is such a loaded question to which I have no definitive answer, nor have I ever heard one that made me feel comfortable or confident.

It is a Jabo Experimental that I think is spectacular.

This conversation is the sort that makes writing a marble glossary so impossible (ish.)

Paul and I have talked about this before and kind of agree, but we were left no specific answer or definition.

The literature suggests that we not count white or the base color. I get the logic of this I think. I says to me that we have a "foundation color" for the mib and then count the colors that are added to that. That's OK, but requires specific knowledge of our hobby which does not help new collectors.

 Paul points out that bleeding makes a big difference on some marbles. Then there is blending. Bleeding suggests that one color goes over another color and the color below also shows. Blending says two or more colors come together to make a new color. So at this point, it sounds like we are looking at "core" colors, but are we? What changes in color theory when chemicals are added?

Paul comes to a great conclusion which I would like to add a thing or two. In what kind of light are we seeing marbles? How many "dye lots" do we count?" From what distance are we looking? Are we looking through 21 year old eyes or the eyes of a 65 year old who needs a new prescription? How do we handicap  that women see color better and more importantly differently than men?

I think that this discussion can and should go on for a long time and at more depth with the natural scientists and color theory folks involved.

I do not want to reinvent the wheel, but believe the current definitions are weak and confusing. I would like to see the color count definition/rules simplified.

My common thread for this process, if we decide to take it on, would be that we all continually ask ourselves the same question early and often. If we change something, will it make the hobby better and easier to understand 20 years from now?

Four or five years ago I was given the rights by Crayola to use their color names to use as a base for setting a standard color code for our hobby. I was going to bang out a book on IDing WV swirls. How hard can that be, I thought. I have not given up on the idea, but I haven't gotten it  "right" yet either....God Bless All the dye lots of Alley's Royal Blue.

So, I leave you with the thought again. Can we make the rules and definitions so that the hobby will be better and easier to understand in 20 years?

Kyle, I looked at the question as the start to a conversation. =} Besides, easy is so yesterday. lol

If it's easy it's not worth it! Haha Good, I want to see a good conversation on this beautiful piece!

I got sixteen guys...LOL.

How many you got on mine? Lol

3 or 4 ion my mind ...yellow, green red, orange personally....as a seller I would list it as three

If it's a corkscrew, I  got five (or four), but I don't seem to count as many shades as most people.


Thank you Sir Robert. You have "just" identified the core problem.

I have no definitive or fair response to such a fair observation.


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