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I love Hilda! A red-headed, vibrant pin-up girl for forty plus years by artist Duane Bryers, she began her debut in 1957. Each painting is unique...Hilda is so full of life and her ribs are not sticking out. :) She starred in advertising calendars of all sizes and shapes. Making a perfect collectible.

Toile Girls

There are other Hilda advertising collectibles from water glasses to playing cards. But, the calendars were the main-stay for 47 years!

Feel free to add any "Hilda" collecting tid-bits or other vintage advertising calendars.

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It's that time again! Hilda posing - vintage style - with "Won't You be my Valentine?" Can you imagine the smiles when those advertising calendars were flipped to this page??

Gearing up for March and St Patrick's Day..

Vintage Advertising Celebrity and Pin-up girl, Hilda, is celebrating by wearing a green bikini and throwing her lucky horseshoes!

Boogieboard Cottage

"According to the blog Messy Nessy Chic, Hilda is a vintage icon who was "one of history’s longest running calendar queens" alongside Marilyn Monroe and others." Nataly Los Angeles

Vintage advertising HILDA...in the spring! Pin-up girl in the midst of spring flowers...


Came across this blog this morning that says exactly what I think...the very BEST in vintage advertising calendars and such.

Hilda The Pin Up Girl...by Vintage Vic

Duane Bryers

Yesterday, I discovered a new artist! Well, I don't mean I discovered him literally, I'm quite sure I'm one of the last to find him and his work, considering he is 100 years old now. (There is film of his 100th birthday celebration on YouTube!)

In particular, I have fallen in love with his Pin Up girl, by the name of Hilda...

I adore Pin Up art and although I think Dita Von Teese is quite wonderful, Hilda now tops them all for me!

Duane Bryers was raised in Virginia, Minnesota. One of his earliest commissions, was to paint a mural, depicting the history of the mining industry in the area. He used the $3000 he was paid, to go to New York, but did not make it big at that time. 

Duane served in the Air Force and started a comic strip called 'Cokey' for the base newspaper. After discharge, he moved to and settled in Arizona. He worked until his early fifties as a commercial artist, before achieving recognition for his work. Particularly famed for his western themed paintings.

For me Hilda cannot be beaten! Such a sassy girl, you can feel her personality radiate from the pictures, larger than life!

This is one of my favourite 'Hilda' pictures, but there are many...

Comment by Lillian Dunbar

Two monthly calendars, 9 x 4" on heavy paper, One advertises King Midas Flour Mills with a vase of flowers and is for June 1949. The other, from Draper Brothers Felt, features a scene from Udaipur, India and a February 1958 calendar.

Comment by Lillian Dunbar

A calendar issued by the Prudential Insurance Co. in 1905.

Even though HILDA is my all time favorite, been trying to focus on other old vintage calendars. Here are two this morning from Antique Trader. I love how they have beautifully framed them.

"Hilda was visual magic created by Duane Byers in 1957 for a Bigalow & Brown calendar and she challenged the conventional pin-up for more than 20 years. I distinctly remember coming across her years ago and instantly knowing that if she was a real person... we would have been best friends. " The Militant Baker

Summertime Hilda! Love.

Vintage Advertising Calendars and Hilda go hand in hand. Here's a seasonal one!

Red Bulletin Board

Vintage Hilda flying high for Halloween! America's favorite pin-up girl...

Hilda on Pinterest


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