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An interesting pewter? oil lamp with a Kosmos Brenner Burner. Can anyone help me with the lamp itself.  It has a mark with 2 crossed keys in a shield with the numbers 1743 along side the numbers 95%. Any idea who made it and what the age might be.

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It's not that old, certainly not 1743. I believe this was more likely made in the 20th century. You can find lots of info on Kosmos Brenner if you google it, here's some: "Wild & Wessel of Berlin in 1865 developed the 'Kosmos' burner (Brenner means burner in German). Gaudard in France (Kosmos) still produce Kosmos and Kosmos-Brenner lamps."

Jeff, I agree with you to a point.  After 2 days of research I believe the date  of manufacture to be late 19th or early 20th Century.  With the Kosmos Brenner  burner the mark certainly has no relevance as far as the date of manufacturing is concerned but probably is more in line with the formation of the company..... whoever that is.  My guess is European and was hoping that someone had seen it before.  thanks for your response.

Maybe, but the 95% (for 95% tin) looks very 20th century to me.

I would think the mark is referring to a pewter-making guild that has been around since 1743, but I'm not having much luck finding which one. Because of the 95%, I do think the entire lamp (not just the Kosmos burner) is European. Is the globe original to the piece as far as you know? If so, the custard color makes it look more vintage than antique.

Hi LB, I agree.  I have found German town marks that are very similar but not exact. Two crossed keys in a shield but no 1743 and a shield with 1743 but something other than crossed keys.  I think you are right about the European origin and I now agree with you and Jeff that it is probably  20th century (probably 60's or 70's).  I don't have any info about its history. Thanks for your input.


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