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I have a very large collection that we need to sell. Can some one tell me where or who might be able to sell them or even by them.

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How much do you want for all ?

We are not for sure, We do know before his mother passed, they were appraised at $40,000. Have not had them appraised since then. We are just trying to find a buyer who will at least give us that or a little more. They are kept in a hand made wooden cabinet that was made by Mr. DeGroot's father. That all so goes with the collection. there are probley around 50 - 100 of them. Not sure.

I am a C. A G. A.  Certifsed Appraiser one of the few that specalizes in dolls and that is a very high appraisal! My website is www.doll-appraisals.com

If you had 50 that would be $800 a piece! Way over priced! 

Ok so how do we go about getting them appraised. This is what his mother told him. I never met her, so I do not know the whole story behind them. Only that they are very old and very beautiful. So if you could please advise us on how to get them appraised I would so appreciate it.

I am an Certified Appraiser that specalizes in dolls. I just talked to a woman in New York the other day who called me in Calif. and wanted to sell her whole 1980's collection of boxed dolls like Limited Edition Barbies, Elvis, Jackie Kenndy, etc. I told her that is not realistic. She said I will advertise also the curio cabinet and everything. I said that is not reality either, an antique dealer will want the cabinet and not the collection. I said you must sell everything seperate. Your old Holidays Barbies in this market are not hardly worth anything, yet Jackie Kenndy might be. The same is true for you, it is unrealistic i think to sell whole collection together. They all have different value and must be appraised one by one either by photograph or in person. This is your choice. You could have them appraised to find value and get insurance on them if collection is stolen, broken, in fire, etc. Or you could just put on ebay and take a chance. Either way I see no easy solution. Or you could give whole collection to doll auction house and if only good enough for them they will take it and also take 35% commision and  you pay sales tax, and they report your income off it to IRS. So decision of who to dispose of collection is up to you. I could appraise for you if you sent photos or group photos with descriptions. You can go to my web site or call me if you wish Good luck with your descion.

Hi, Tammy here. We/I have a question for you. What would you offer for a collection like this? Just curious. Can not do any searching on the web site you gave me until the 8/14 of there after. That is when we get paid. Any info you can give would so be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


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