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So, I picked this piece up, looked at the hallmark and thought it to be Anchor (Hocking).  I got it home and am thinking maybe not.  It looks a bit like a crooked anchor.  6-1/8" tall, 3-1/2' at the base.

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I don't believe it's a mark at all, but the way the glass naturally formed

Yeah, I've gotten to that idea.  I must have wanted to believe it was a piece of Anchor.  Now, it's off to pottery chop marks...

Thanks for the unfortunate confirmation, B.Bonnie.

but old and unique, I have something similar

Eh.  For two bucks, I'll make the bet.  I only saw a couple for sale and it said 'rare'.  One was on pintrest.  I'll hold my tongue about pintrest.

It's US, Art deco candlestick. 1920's, 30's. I had a set yrs ago and sold them. The maker is a more obscure one; diamond, US glass, Lancaster or something... 

Sorry again no books with me.

No love.  The pieces I see online are pretty much along the same description.  None giving a maker.  The hunt never ends.

Nope! It generally doesn't either! One of the reasons I love glass! I'm never board! lol

I am certain I did find maker on those though, So I'll just have to find em again!

Pinterest shows a pair of them on ebay for $9.99.  One should be worth $3-4.00.  You have the exact same information about it as they do, zilch.  You might check Waterford crystal; they have similar styles, but not exact (that I could find).

Did you do the "ding" test for cystal?

Pair Very Stylish Art Deco Clear Glass Candlesticks Excellent | eBay:

Hello again, Tom,

I'm not sure why you gave my the valuation of my piece.  I do not ask about a price because that is penultimate to why I'm here: get whatever information I can.  Pricing my item is my business.  I have one watcher on this.  Just picked him/her up.  There are 2:45 minutes left on the listing.  I imagine the person is sitting back, having a laugh at the price.  I'm A-Okay with that.  Some people need a good laugh.  It will sell or it won't.  Then I'll move on.

I got more information in one post that I had before asking for help, from Vicki, on March 26, 2016 at 12:39pm.

This post is 24 hours short of being two months old, and three days short since the last post.  By now, everything is taken care of. 

Sorry I was late to the party on this one for ya, I simply forgot about it. ( See my last post) Hope you get a great price on them, I think they are awesome!

Just make a note for yourself for future reference, so you now know they are Westmoreland, if you find them again! 

Good Heavens TOM! These are in no way, shape or form Waterford! I can "smell" Waterford at 200 paces! LOL I'm darn near as good on Fenton too! :)

But, I'll thank you for reminding me on these. Now that I am home with my books, I have found them again! They are Westmoreland "No.1015 Mission Candlesticks" 6 3/4" in. high, with a 3 1/2" hexagonal base. Circa 1910 to the 1930's. Made in Crystal and sometimes found in Cut! Book price listed is $20 - $30. Add 20 to 30% more ( if your very lucky) and have found them with cuttings.

This info comes from (imho) the very best book on Candlesticks, entitled "The Glass Candlestick Book" Volume 3 Kanawha to Wright, ID and Value guide. By Tom Felt and Elaine & Rich Stoer.

@ Scott  - I think you've got it right on your Swirled blue, art glass single candlestick to. That being Blenko. I'm afraid I haven't got the versions 1 and 2 books by the above authors, so I won't be able to hunt for them here. ( I'm making a note to invest in those ASAP, as I've just blown my book $ for this quarter on two FAB books on Steuben, Frederick Carter, specifically. He was a TREASURE! Right up there with ole L.C. (Tiffany) hiself and even a contemporary of Lalique, (Rene) imho again! :) 

Uh...  '...Swirled blue, art glass single candlestick to.  That being Blenko...'  I understand Swirled blue but not the last bit.

The books are currently a financial hold-off.  San Diego has great city and county libraries I can order books through.  The library costs much less than buying the things.

Your description is spot on for Westmoreland.  I changed the title of my listing.  Thanks!


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