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This is so funny...

I sold a book to a lady in Virginia Beach, VA. She lived in a big apartment with small mailboxes.  A slip was left in her mailbox announcing the arrival of my book. For reasons unknown she didn't get it.  So, instead of contacting me, she opened up a Dispute with eBay.

I sent her pictures of the postal receipts that showed date mailed, her zip code, weight, cost, etc.

She apologized. I didn't respond.

Discovered later that he (or she) who responds last "wins". The dispute timed out with her message being the last one and eBay took the money out of my account and paid her!  Go figure.

So what's funny about this?

The book was a college legal book named, "Dispute Resolution".


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Hello Valerie,

As of Thursday online will be my only income. I am leaving a large corporation after 20 years. We use to be a family company but 10 years ago we were bought out. These last days have been horrendous for me really difficult. I am in customer service and the complaints are killing me. I thought long and hard about my decision but nothing (except the lack of money) makes me want to stay..As for Ebay I still can't charge 19.95 shipping for a 19.95 sterling silver charm. But I have new ideas and hopefully will make lots of money?? LOL

Best wishes to you, Anne Marie. Sooner or later we change something in our lives, and it is perfectly fine. I wish your new ideas will work great.

I've started eBay about 10 years ago and I still had a job. Our company merged to bigger company under the ownership of psychopath. Literally. His own people hated him but had no choice (?) and worked there under a great pressure and always with fear. He fired all of us (people who came from our small company), one person today, another tomorrow, etc. And I was so grateful for that!!! First, I enjoyed unemployment benefits (it was about 8 years ago) and I had time to start my eBay business seriously.

Now, I don't know what had happened with this man but I know I'm making living, I can afford many things I couldn't when I worked for somebody else, I can afford to help others and enjoy my life.

So, good luck to you =0)

Don't get upset.

similar kind of good out of bad for me too. i always wanted to start my own store but never had the capital to open one. then our house burned down and the insurance agent told me how much my "junk" was worth! i literally paid a 10th of what they gave me and realized i could actually pocket that 90% difference. i always say losing everything was the best thing that ever happened to me.


Hello there,

Thank you for your kind comments. I should be nervous I say to myself but LOL I am not... My situation is almost like yours. A large corporation bought our small family company and at first were very kind and then fired people every day, almost 250 of them. That was 10 years ago and now slowly but surely everything goes, Xmas parties, kids and adults, tiny gifts at Xmas, no laughter, counting your minutes that you are away for lunch, forcing overtime but no pay just banked time. And when you ask for your banked time they tell you "NO" Too busy... Imagine I have 2.5 hours and my last day is on Thursday and my boss tells me we are too busy to let you leave early. So I have to come in late one day, and the next and perhaps I may leave a little earlier on Thursday. OH PLEASE!!! But I will try my best to do even better on Ebay and if not I will go and find the small mom and pop company and work in Customer Service once again. TEE HEE

On objects of $20.00 or more I require Insurance and Confirmation of Delivery. The latter costs $.80 (USD).

On an Insurance claim you must be able to prove the value of the lost object, which means the final price paid, excluding shipping costs.  You cannot guess the value or say, it's worth more than I paid.  They won't accept it. Likewise you can't over-insure it either.  Too many scammers out there trying to defraud the post office. If you have a certified appraisal you can use that to establish a value higher than what you paid.

An over-looked shipper of odd-sized items is Greyhound Bus.  I've used them from time to time to ship weird sized items such as skiis, booze, guns, etc.  They don't ask what's in the box, and you don't tell.  They ship from terminal to terminal by bus.



If a customer claims they do not receive the item, how many of these items return to the return address? 

If they do not receive it and it was sent to the shipping address that paypal enters, I don't know why anyone would give a refund, how do we know that they didn't receive it. 


and,  I think that the shipping addresses for 1st class at least should be available for click-n-ship or through ebay. 

Why won't offer 1st class international labels.  I can't imagine anyone paying 5 times as much for priority or flat rate to other countries.

Hello Janine,

In Ebay lingo they could not care less if the customer is committing a fraudulent act by saying they did not get it. There are those that are honest and will refund you but I would say out of 10 losses MAYBE 1 if you are so very lucky...

Canada has to have the highest shipping rates in the world. When I sell something for over 50.00 customers don't want to pay $6.00-$7.00 for shipping with insurance. What I do most times is cover the difference over the normal $3.45 even though it can be costly. A customer is very valuable especially in these hard times. And a negative feedback from Ebay is very hard to take. Take care Anne Marie aka blackvelvetvintage Ebay

i just snooped. you have great listings!

here is a clickable link to Anne Marie's store

Black Velvet Vintage


Thank you so much Valerie, You have made my day. I just left a large corporation (customer service) after 20 years. I now have time to  add vintage collectible desirable rare pieces to my site. I am so looking forward to working in my PJ's at the computer.

Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Anne Marie aka blackvelvetvintage


I have never seen so many great vintage bracelet charms in one shop. a great idea is for you to write an ebay "guide" on the subject. it will kick your google ranking up a notch. and try to work the words vintage charm or silver etc in all your posts online. if you get discovered i can not imagine that you will not do VERY well.


We sell jewelry - http://www.shop.rubylight777.com - so some items are really expensive. We sell on Ebay as well. I ship everything with 1st class, USPS, no priority. I don't see any difference between priority and 1st class because the package goes to the same truck, our packages are small. Everything under $1000 is insured for $500 since you can't insure for more using Internet/eBay/PaYpAL label printing. If the item costs more I print the label online, with delivery and SIGNATURE confirmation, and pay difference for insurance at Post Office. Thus, eBay has a tracking number and I have insurance receipt.

International buyers pay $30 for delivery (I have increase the rate to $35 though), we use Express USPS service. We use Express not for fast delivery but for tracking number and more serious care.

But, again, we sell relatively expensive items, not $25-30 items. So, of course, there is a difference. Personally, when I'm looking for something for myself (like I need anything =0) I understand that a seller has to pay for shipping and also for Ebay and PayPal fees. So, I consider a shipping rates as fair and necessary charges.

Dec 20, tv:  Did you guys see the Federal Express driver/deliveryman toss the boxed computer over the fence and into the yard?  He then drove off...all caught on camera! 

I think putting the words FRAGILE on a package makes it a target for Postal Authorities to attack and play baseball or soccer with....Incoming.....hahahahaaa


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