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Hi all, so in the spirit of good salesmanship, what have you found to be your best online sales company for your pieces? I was keeping One Kings Lane to myself so as not to jinx the sweet sales figures there but they've changed over to modern/funk and away from most classical styles and my sales have slumped 50+%. Als1o, they now have 1000 sellers listed-I was one of the 1st 40 two years ago so even they said my chance of getting 'real estate' with them is much slimmer.

Hunter's Alley is a neat site that OKL has set up for anyone to sell on if you haven't checked it out.

Etsy will be getting some more listings from me also.Any opinions?

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Hunter's Alley is the kings lane family

What it is the link for Kings Alley

onekingslane.com or huntersalley.com

Etsy is wonderful.  It only costs 20 cents to list each item, and once they sell, the commission you pay to Etsy is only 3% per item. 


There are tens of thousands of shops (if not more!), but it is a HUGE community with lots and lots of resources.  They give you pointers, tips, and guides on how to get the most sales, how to set up your shop, how to write appealing ads, how to market effectively...and lots more.  It's a very active community, and much like facebook/twitter, members can Favorite other shops and other items which appear on daily feeds and help to drive business. 


I have only had a shop on Etsy for a little over 6 months and have made several dozen sales.  There are a WIDE range of interests: but Etsy only caters to handmade items OR vintage/antique items. 

Hope this helps! 

Thanks for the input. I ahd a few nibbles on the few items I put on Etsy but by the time people made a choice, they sold on One Kings(not quite the same these days though).

What things do you think sell there? We do lots of big French pieces but a bit of everything.

Yeah, there's a learning curve for making Etsy work for your needs... sometimes there are nibbles and sometimes there's nothingness for a while until the next nibble comes along.  I had actually started out using eBay exclusively, but when some of my more valuable items weren't selling there, I decided to give Etsy a try which has been working well.  I created a Facebook page specifically for my Etsy jewelry shop to help drive traffic...and I have taken advantage of Facebook advertising that costs about $5 a day (for however long or short you want) to also drive traffic.  There is also Etsy advertising that you can pay for to help draw attention to your shop...similar price ranges to Facebook but haven't tried it out yet!

My merchandise is vintage jewelry, so I'm more well-versed in that niche.  But I do know that there is a market on Etsy for wood items, for furniture, for reclaimed/repurposed wood, and for many types of antiques.  In doing a quick search, I found a bunch of large, expensive vintage/antique wooden pieces for sale.  :)  Good luck with your sales!

Awesome input, thanks-will have to diversify as all my marble/onyx eggs in one basket have not been selling this year. i got spoiled on OKL in past 2 years when there were a fraction of sellers filing their offerings. Why someone established doesn't copy OKl, I have no clue; $0-450million in 4 years.

Hunter's Alley is a joke.

First they have to approve your items and it takes 5 days according to them. If you are lucky enough to sell something it takes 14 days to get paid and they take 25%. For those fees I can march my stuff down to any number of local auction houses, get better prices at sale and have no BS shipping to deal with.

What a laugh!

But OKL & Hunter's usually command the highest $. Have you scanned some of their listings? Most are mindblowingly high with about 2-3% being fair or a bargain.

I've sold almost 1000 things on OKL in under 2 years(slowing down rapidly as they add vendors) and about 60 items on Hunter's in about 4 months.


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